Hi Guys,

I have large and lovely 5U system that I started in 2015 but my attitude to "formats" has changed 180-degress since then....
My video below explains why I chose to start my Eurorack collection.
If you like, check out my channel, I have PLAYLISTS for both 5U and Eurorack
But here are two take-aways from this post:
1. 5U and Eurorack play beautifully together and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
2. Mutable Instruments has a LOT of modules in the "top 100" for a REASON ..... they are FANTASTIC multi-function modules that deliver the features we need for specific outcomes..... for instance, see the minimalist patch that I use to get 3-channels of Random Generative music from MARBLES (normally to get this outcome we would need quite a few modules taking up more space and costing more money)

Best Wishes,
Stephen Mendes