Yes.. I'll try and get a bigger case! That's a good idea.
I'll check out some of those modules! Thanks for the recommendations.
I'm also looking at the lubadh tape looper which could create very interesting tape loops in a live setting.

Aye man! thanks for replying!
Initially the concept was to design a rack that could play in tandem with my Sv1b and Op1. Playing a Daw-less hip hop live set.
But after a few days of thinking I'm considering creating a rack with just effects and utilities. Is this what you mean by a 6u? or is that more like a traditional studio rack system?

A eurorack of effects and utilities could definitely could be a lot more powerful with a standalone sampler! Your right!

Thank you for your reply! If you know of anymore #reccomendations please let me know! I need that hip hop lo fi goodies!
much love!

ModularGrid Rack

First off, I am a complete beginner in building custom Euro rack :).

I'm trying to build a live Eurorack hip hop rig. This will be mostly centred around sampling through the bitbox (or like sampler). I'll talk you through the signal flow. I want samples to be triggered by the Hermod sampler. The 8 tracks of the Hermod will trigger channels on the bit box. I also have an OP-1 which will be USB hosted by the hermod to send additional midi info. The 4 outputs of the bit box can be sent to either the effects (ripples or per4mer) or send to the mixer which will then sum the output.
I also have an Sv-1 black box. I will send this synth midi sequences from the hermod as a synth source and use the 3 SV-1b LFOS as modulation sources.

I am thinking of using the Doepfer A-100 LC3 Low Cost Case - 3U as my case. This will give me 4HP left to add an additional mixer or LFO.

Any thoughts on my mock up Eurorack setup? Am I missing something?

Thanks Guys :)