Thanks for your thoughts! Remember that I would use the Rack together with the Minibrute 2 (which already has LFOs, two Osc's, a sequencer, a clock etc.), so the addition of an additional clock/sequencer wouldn't be THAT important. But this is why the DFAM would be so interesting: It has a sequencer, could act as a drum module/filter module/osc-module. On the used market, the DFAMS are around 400-450 Euros. But are there any alternatives to the DFAM - something that can act as a rhythm-/drum-module?
Thanks for the other tips about the input modules!


Modular newbie here. I'm a professional (jazz-)musician and am very interested in electronic music and building a modular synth. The kind of music I want to do with it? Hard to tell (yet) - perhaps something that resembles closely to Nils Frahm. I currently own a Minimoog Model D (reissue), a Nord Stage 3, two Fender Rhodes (stage and suitcase) and a Wurlitzer 200a. For the electronic project I'm planning, the modular system should fulfill the following things:

  • cost below 2000 USD
  • should be portable and a all-in-one-package (with integrated keys, a rack, of course the modules, an Eurorack-mixer and effects like delay and reverb. No external effects or no external mixing console).

What attracts me is the Arturia Minibrute 2 (for bass-sequences) with the Rackbrute 6U, the Moog DFAM for rhythmic sequences, the Strymon Magneto (I have the Strymon Volante on another Board for my Fender Rhodes - fantastic pedal!) and perhaps something ambient-ish like the Clouds. What do I need if I want to mangle the Fender Rhodes and the Minimoog through the Modular Synth and use it with its filters as well with the Magneto? A mixer? Is the Rosie enough for my purposes (if I want to use the Magneto as an end-of-chain-effect/Sum-effect)?
It would look like this (plus the Arturia Minibrute 2):
alt text

Thanks for your input!