Yep, this is my intermediary goal but I will buy a few first and then see how I feel about them. Some are more important to me than others and some are simply not available atm (the Clank Chaos) ...

Thanks for all the advice, I found it very useful!

Ok this is my preliminary version:

ModularGrid Rack

I'm thinking if I need more sound sources, might get a morphagene as soon as I have the $$$ but it's 500$ so it would add a lot on top.

hi Jim, thanks so much for the in-depth reply! I'm letting everything sink in, doing some more research and will post the result here in a few days.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for getting back about this!

Ok, so here’s my scaled-down version: ModularGrid Rack

I kept the Dust of Time, Beads, Maths and Chaos modules and added the Marbles instead of permutation, because I think it does actually look more interesting (knowing that I won't know until I really touched it).

I also exchanged the veils etc. clones for the real thing - could you explain what exactly makes them better? Is it the build or sound quality?

I’m still somewhat confused about the utility modules… like, how many I’ll need for what. And I’m uncertain if I have enough VCAs and whether I need an envelope generator.

About case, I am planning to build my own, so that should come much cheaper.

Wow, thanks so much for getting back about this so quickly and in such depth!
tbh this is a lot to take in... I'm trying to get a grip on row 3 but it's a bit hard to clearly see what's doing what since I lack the experience to really be able to tell what these modules will do in practice. (I'm digging through them right now, just to figure out what they do ... bear with me ...)
Because atm I really have to limit my spending to 3k but also because it might be better to start off smaller and see what I will actually use in practice, is there a way to boil this down into a 'light' version that costs around 3k...? what would be the essential modules?
thanks again!

hi everyone!
I would like to build a rack for around 2k mostly for sound design purposes (but also for jamming a bit). I'd like it to be centered around granular synthesis, have decent audio quality and as many possibilities for a kind of 'controlled chaos' as possible.

I'm completely new to this and just been browsing, so naturally I don't know the best modules for this kind of thing ...

here's my first attempt: ModularGrid Rack

Pretty sure I missed about half of what I'd really need. Happy about suggestions for modules/alternatives, etc.