Thanks for the tips! I guess I should have left the film part out as its a bit confusing. I'm not composing for film, I'm a sound editor and re-recording mixer. The music part is just a hobby, the work part less important. For some projects I already use some synths to shape noise or add electronic FX.

So, get those moogs out of the way. Does that mean that it is indeed a good idea to add a whole new chain to start building a proper eurorack setup in stead of just adding some FX?

Appreciate the help!


I just gotten into modular with 2 moog a DFAM and a subharmonicon. As expected I went down the rabbit hole quickly and now I'm looking to expand my system. I have no experience with modular synths but I do have some basic knowledge about synthesis and electronics.

What I want of my system is basically more ways to explore new sounds. Some basic noise shaping to use in the films I work on but most importantly new ways to shape sounds and bring melodies to life. My Idea was to make a whole independent setup with modules I came to like in the short period I got into modular synthesis but it's getting a bit expensive and I'm wondering if I shouldn't focus more on just adding some FX to my moogs.

It would be awesome if I could get some advice as to how to go about expanding my current setup.

This is what I was looking at.