Thanks very much for the feedback.

True that, The further LFOs are going to be provided by the Pamelas new Workout. While more VCAs, I guess is the obvious improvement, once I figure out how to implement them and their true potential (Im new to the format) I will also be a believer of the never enough VCA belief system.

I agree about the Pittsburgh complete system, I guess it was the first part of the rack due to it being a semi modular, and a way to dip my toe into the format. For now it provides a number of functions and when I can afford I can see your logic to replacing it with a more feature filled use of HP.

Thanks for your help!


More VCA mode, I wil definitely look into when I get more familiar with their use, the Tangle Quartet is on the way in the post.

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ModularGrid Rack

Hi there, this is my current modular setup. Would love to hear someone elses thoughts, what I could be missing, could have done differently, better or any cool patch ideas that someone may think of with a setup. your feedback is very welcome.

I will say I put together the setup with as much research as I could do without getting excited and adding to the list of must have modules. But I know with the modular world it seems there can always be more precaution. So far I am pretty happy with this unit.