Thanks a lot for the reply, lots of type of modules i would've never get my head into before hearing it now.

I feel like i need to try things out with the modulation modules, so i can fully commit to some type of sequencing within a rack, i had a BSP Pro until now, but you're right, their all do basically the same thing in the end, i'll cut some of them and find my way without this much redundacy in modulations.

Precision Adder seems interesting, you have some you recommend for playability/live use ?

Will definitely look into matrix mixers too, always saw them as a "big case" mixer somehow..

Veils is gonna be on my list too once i figured out what to ditch Voltage Block or Mimetic/scales

Hi everyone,

Been filling my diy 6u 62hp for 5 months now but i can't go on much longer ; i definitely need a bigger case asap

I've been assembling a new rack for a few weeks, here's a sketch of it

ModularGrid Rack

I wish i could go a little bigger but i really want to keep it portable and quite light. All the drums are external (TR-8 for now but Octatrack in a month), so the focus is to have a fun 2 voice live playing techno instrument that will be routed to Octatrack for effects and sampling for some tunes maybe, once i get the hang of the Octatrack.

As i said i'm relatively new to this world, coming from Volcas some years ago, to Elektron Digitakt, Minilogue XD, those types of kinda immediate instrument, so i still have this kind of dream of building a more personal and immediate """groovebox""" feel in Eurorack.

So for people playing live on a small rig like this, techno players would be even more helpful, is this making sense to you ?