Hey there, sorry for the response time.
First of all, thanks to you all to have taken to time to answer me and to try to guide me throughout this journey, very kind and useful.

1/ Alltvin
Thanks a lot, I read it a bit, very useful indeed. I'll get back to it when I'll be more comfortable with the modules.

2/ Lugia
My english isn't that perfect so I didn't get everything you told me, but I've got the main parts ahah.
Yes my first thought was to get an 0-COAST and a 3-tier rack to complete the "Cheapsel" but at one point I wasn't so sure, I just wanted to jump directly into the modular, but I've realised now that it isn't the best solution for me now.
About the Intellijel, yeah you're probably right, money wise too. I just didn't wanted a big thing to start (Tiptop Audio Mantos), considering what I want to do, but as I've seen everywhere, everyone said that it's the best option, so why not. It was the 1U row and the options that attracted me, but I know that it's clearly not a good reason to buy it. Thinking of a getting a controller too, but maybe just the Keystep 37 to start with.

3/ sacguy71
I was already using VCV rack, but I gave up, not really my thing at the moment. But now with the V2 and my growing knowledge, I've took it back, and yeah, wonderful idea, don't know why I didn't do it before. I'll buy the Patch & Tweak book too. Patience is the key in this world.

Thanks a lot!


Hello there,

My name's Clément. I've been playing and using synths since 2018-2019. Starting slow with a Korg Volca Modular, then a Korg Minilogue, then an Arturia Microfreak, then a Moog Mother-32 and some other hardware and software synths. By watching videos on youtube and playing synths alone and with my friends, I've been more and more fascinated by the modular world (as we all are obviously). I then got the hands on a Make Noise Strega and a 0-CTRL, I've been so glad and happy with those two. I also got a DIY arduino synth made with an arcade stick, which works in his own way and is wonderful, but unfortunately, there's no CV or any other possibilities of modulation, so it's kind of a only live instrument.

Anyway, I've decided to really start my journey into modular synths, but I need some advices about what to get first. My idea was to keep the Strega & 0-CTRL and then starting slow by buying just a rack and one or two modules, just to give more possibilities to those twos, then surely switch to full modular at one point, just take the time to understand better each module I'll get. I've already choose my first rack and it's gonna be an Intellijel Palette 104 HP.

I mostly want to do drone / noise / ambient kind of stuff, no drums, no melodies, just play with noises and sounds. Experimental thingy. I also want to be able to use my guitar or bass with the modular (as I do with Strega), but maybe in a second time.
I was thinking that my first modules didn't need to be sound sources, maybe any other things that can help me expand my Strega & 0-CTRL. I'm lost in the sea of brands and modules.

Sorry for the long post, but I think it was necessary if I wanted my request to be precise.
Hope you can help me and have a great day!