@nickgreenberg Haha yes I got a little carried away. Here is an updated one that is current. I have my case coming soon and the modules are slowly coming on. I can't contain my excitement at this point. Flux has not arrived yet and still waiting on it as well.

ModularGrid Rack

More to come soon!


Thanks @JimHowell1970, @nickgreenberg, @lugia for all the help. I have a solid base to start with and would be going ahead with this build slowly, a few modules at a time. Will post updates! I'm based in the US, so waiting for Memorial Day sale for some discounts. I'm planning to sell my car to fund this as well. Goodbye social life lol

ModularGrid Rack


Which website would you recommend to get modules at a good price with some discount hopefully? Since I have a somewhat decent idea of what modules to get I might go ahead and get a few of them at once, including case and power so hoping here is some dealer who would provide some discount. And thanks for the heads-up, I have duplicated that rack!



mutant brain is a midi->cv converter - what you want is a cv->midi converter - there are not so many to choose from - befaco do a couple and addac - the doepfer one that I have has been discontinued and the current one is a single note and gate iirc

max/msp - are you using ableton? if so use I would have thought that using the cv tools in that and output to the es3 would be the simplest solution>

-- JimHowell1970

Right, I will look more into CV/Trig/Gate to Midi convertors.
And yes I am using Ableton. I will look into the ES3 as well, thanks for your suggestions!

@Lugia Wow I will need some time to go through the suggestions and understand them. Thanks a ton for putting so much time and effort into doing this, I truly appreciate it!

I just had a quick look and was wondering if you had any suggestions to include the possibility of converting trigs/gates from this system to midi to be able to sequence some midi hardware. I'm not sure if the Mutant Brain can do this. Also, I am starting to learn Max Msp and would like to be able to use it someday with the system. How would you go about changing this system to include these features as well?

Oh wow I didn't expect such great involvement in this forum. I was kinda overwhelmed with all the possibilities and fear of picking the wrong modules or missing out on the "better" ones. I appreciate all the inputs!

@nickgreenberg - Great links, I will check them out. Haha yes, I found all these weird / strange modules and I have a tendency of being overambitious without giving it a thought whether I would be able to truly understand and use them as I wanted. But I guess I am willing to put in some serious hard work and see how things go :)

I'd go as minimal as possible to start with - probably just some ways to sequence and combine triggers - unity mixers, switched multiples* and gate/trigger combiners etc - and a trig31

get that working how you want and then consider adding a sound source

how are you mixing/listening?

*this is contentious - you shouldn't use multiples as mixers - bad, bad practice - it will work until it fries your expensive module - but if you only ever use your switched multiple for this purpose then it works
-- JimHowell1970

Thanks for the inputs Jim I will take it into consideration! I was planning to use the expert sleepers connected to my audio interface via adat for listening and mixing in the box.

Thanks Jim! I'm trying to create a system which could act as a complex, evolving rhythm-generator/sequencer. I do have a few elektron boxes for which I would like to send triggers out from this system via midi. That's why I added 2 trig 31s. As for the mults I just added them in there as I thought it would be helpful to route copies of signals to different destinations but I guess I could also do that with the 32:1 which I added today?

As for the modules I would like to keep, they would be the IoLabs Flux, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, Chimera, Fracture, QD, QCD (I like the idea of the expander but not sure if its super necessary), RCD, SWN and maybe Pams new workout.

The main goal is to create a generative system which helps me program complex rhythmic sequences which would be difficult with a linear / step sequencer setup.

I'm building my first rack and welcome feedback, suggestions and modifications. I haven't decided a case and power supply too. I would appreciate some suggestions for the same.

ModularGrid Rack