ModularGrid Rack

I'm reorganizing and this rack is sort of a scetch of where I want to be headed.

I already have most of the modules shown, except the verbos and the erica synths drum machine and I'm quite sure that I'm missing some utilities here and there - whats your take on this?

And yeah, I know, it's probably smarter to just get a drum machine and save a bunch of rackspace but I'd really like to try out the squid salmple and bia with the erica synths drum machine and be able to cv the **** out of these. I also have a dfam and some fx pedals on the side and a 114hp "skiff" that can be used as an extension.

Now the other thing thats been on my mind: instead of the erica synths dm, I thought about grabing a digitact and mutant brains/ cv.ocd combo and use that to sequence my modular... or mostly my drums actually. To this point I'm not quite sure which of these would be more fun to operate and which goes further in terms of overall (drum) sequencing abilities. - I hate hearing the same beat over and over and over again so I want to be able to make quick adjustments to keep things interesting.
The digitact can also be used for drums and for fx and so on, I'm well aware of that but I'm not trying to use it as a substitute for anything, except a bad ass drum sequencer. I've been looking at other hardware sequencers (polyend, oxy, etc.) as well but I really don't like their style. to bright, to shiny, to smooth or unjustifyable, like the grp r24.
If anyone has some experience and/or expertize to share I'd be really glad to hear it! :-)

Thank you all for your expertize, it is much apprechiated and very helpful indeed !

So I starded off with modular synthesis just about two months ago when I bought a dfam and had no clue that eurorack even exists. Once I found out I was instantly hooked.

I had no particular musical style goals in mind and boldly ignored most of the beginner advice out there while I built my first case and aquired all these modules. This is why my rack probably doesn't make much sence in it's current state.
Still, so far I'm having lots of fun just exploring and experimenting with whats there and about half of the time I'm quite pleased with what I can get out of this strange setup.

But now I do want to become more concrete with what I'm doing here so I thought this might be a good time to ask for some advice.
The general direction I want to head at is dub. lee perry, kemistry & storm, experimental drum synthesis with ambient capabilities and heavy effects are a few keywords.
I'm also using a keystep, sq-1 sequencer, e-guitar a regular mic and a contact mic for various acoustic signals / instruments.

ModularGrid Rack

the dfam can move back into its case for more space, the turning machine has only working pulse and noise outputs (botched my first diy build) so I might throw it out and the joystick is also kind of obsolete at the moment.

I probably need more drum modules, oscillators, filters, effects, some adsr and s&h.
I'd also like to get a starlab or magneto but I am not quite sure wich suits my needs better.
Odessa also seems quite interesting to me.

Whats your take on this and what modules would you suggest me to look at next?

(sorry for the long read)