Do have any bang-for-your-buck kind of modules that you'd recommend?

go for doepfer - matrix mixer, sequential switch, polarizer etc etc

joranalogue compare 2 is an interesting logic module

-- JimHowell1970

Thanks for the advice. I actually had the Doepfer in my shopping cart for the next round of modules to buy. I'll check out the others.

You also have very little in the way of other utilities... mixers, mults, logic, switches, etc. These are the things that make modular interesting and strange.

-- Shakespeare

Yeah, I was thinking I didn't spend enough time looking at the less 'shiny' modules. I went about choosing the modules that seemed the most fun and pretty much neglected the utility. I bought Maths since it was pretty much marketed as a 'do-all' kind of module that would turn into a lot of different utility as needed.

Do have any bang-for-your-buck kind of modules that you'd recommend?

Hello everyone...

SO, I, probably like an infinite number of other people, am asking for advice.

I jumped into modular feet first. I spent a lot of money on modules based on what I heard from those modules on YouTube. There was 'some' planning, but I don't think I knew enough to make the right decisions. The other huge problem that I have run into is the learning curve required. I've got into synthesis and programming Arduinos. Even have delved into Supercollider programming. This is kind of a different animal.
While I think I have an appreciable amount of knowledge, it doesn't always translate well into what any specific module does or how it does it.

I have already upgraded from a 2u x 84 hp case, to a 2u x 104 hp case and have the rest of the modules I needed to fill it up. What I have here, is what will be in the case at some point this week. I've added the NerdSeq, Polivoks, and Mimeophon that are on the way.

My question... before I run on too long, is what are some opinions on what I'm lacking in utility or function? Do I have what I need? My old rack is fairly empty now. I have an instrument interface and a wogglebug in there. Mainly, I'm looking for that "Dude, how could you have forgot to get that?" kind of advice. The truth is, I really don't know any better...yet.

Thanks for taking the time to help :)