Edit: Am new to the modular world.

Have been toying around with a lot of rack ideas and finally came up with a rack that I feel like would suit my needs, my eventual goal is to play live.
The type of music I make ranges from minimal/lofi house, minimal techno and drum and bass.
I externally have a Arturia MicroFreak as another voice, and a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK as a mixer.
My idea with this rack is to have the pizza and the freak to trade roles for providing bass, and lead sounds. The Rample will be used for most of my drums and some textures and one shots that I will externally make in Ableton, with the prok kick being a sort of backing kick as I transition from one song to the next. I want to be able to modulate a lot, and also in patterns like in drum and bass, like Waeys, Levela, Sustance, Rizzle, Klinical, etc. The dark gritty underground type of drum and bass, so I'd imagine a lot of "rolling" sounds if that makes sense.
I mainly plan on using the tetra pad to make my music sound more human, and to possibly put the snare "density"(?) on one to make off beat snares in drum and bass scenarios.
I want to use Squarps Hermod due to it offering a lot of things that I want in the early stages of my rack, as I wont be able to buy everything in one go.

This is my eventual rack that I am trying to work towards (I hope the thing updated it didn't in preview):
ModularGrid Rack

And these are the modules that I want to buy in the first round:
ModularGrid Rack

Is this a good first euro rack, will it fit my needs, are there modules that I should swap out for modules that would better suit my need and all the other questions a noob like my self could ask.

Thanks a ton in advance!

Heyo I’m not planning to slice and sequence a breakbeat, I’m not planning on making standard drum and bass just music inspired by it, so around the same tempo with growly bases, which the waverazor should supply.

I will be using my micro freak for sequenced melodics, while the brains will probably act like some sort and of poly meter or drone. I might be replacing it with something else later but right now it seems to be my cheapest option, I’m not trying to cheap out but this rack is already more expensive than I was planning on ahaha. I’d probably later want to replace it with something else but I don’t know what yet, I could replace it with two simple doepfer oscillators but I don’t have enough sequencing power for another voice, I do have enough ADSR though.

Recently really got into hardware music, and I want to build a euro rack, I have this rack designed but I'm wondering if I'm forgetting anything. I Mainly wish to make drum and bass inspired music, but also make some forms of minimal house / minimal techno like music. Externally I also have a Arturia MicroFreak

ModularGrid Rack