This is actually a very clever little system.
SO much in there - full, modular production & performance unit, like an OP1 on DMT ;-)
I just somehow can't reduce mine to this modules... because some perfectionist mind fuckup.


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I kinda strolled around the muff researching about synchrodyne+expand, saw some old post where you were happy with it, clicked on your modgrid to lurk & wondered why only synchrodyne left :-) I am still note sure if I'll like it, there seems to be no THE sound of synchrodyne + expand, synchrodyne on its own tends to be bubbly-complex, which I like with the expand the demos get more varied + "abstract atonal horror fx vibes" - not sure if its just the taste of the demo makers or the combo pushing in this direction, what do you think?

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hey summa, your synchrodyne expander disappeared? what happened?

lol, this guys are very serious about trademarks :D
"Information for re-use, adaptations or derivative works
Sound Study Modular is trademarked, and should not be used on any of works you create from these files."
... that's why we don't see Tom Whitwell's name anywhere.... even though he asks modestly for appropriate attribution... hmmmmm