Hi truly inspirational.

14hp free at this moment.
Any suggestions..
Apart ears
What module for the trigger input of function...

Hi Mt3
TrulyThanks for help.
Today i buy Function.
What do you think to put Turing machine v2?
And make some techno loops.
At the moment i have
Clouds+function+ears+errorNOISE ! secret handshake nr 1
Only 62 hp case


What modules you will put here¿
For modulating mungling envelope randomize clocking¿.
I dont have much space in my rack.
I want to put some external sounds and freeze them...drone concrete music and noise.
Totally new here.
Thanks in advance

Totally new here.
I need the quad attenuator here?
What cheap modules for moving this samplers you will choose¿
I have a waldorf filter out side... No reverbs no filters.