VCAs? I see the Joranalogue VC mixer, but you don't have anything specifically for use with CV/modulation signals.

Lose the mults altogether. This build is too small to sacrifice 8 hp for something that could be accomplished in 0 hp with inline mults and/or stackcables. Plus, if you want more trigger capabilities, 8 hp happens to be the space needed for a Pamela's New Workout, and that would give you eight channels of activity that includes that...and quite a bit more.

I honestly don't see the point of the Cwejman dual VCF, either. Not that it's not an excellent piece...but it's expensiveAF and, these days, a little too simplistic. Intellijel's Morgasmatron, ADDAC's Dual Wasp, The Harvestman's Bionic Lester mkIII, SSF's Stereo Dipole...all are far more interesting dual filters; you might be able to get one for near-zilch by trading in the Cwejman. Or better still from a space standpoint, there's Rossum's Linnaeus, Doepfer's A-106-1 or DinSync's SARA VCF, all of which fit in the same space as the Cwejman (the Doepfer even saves 2 hp) and offer some very interesting takes on dual VCF architecture.

Wavefolding and mixing. Why not both? Look at Tiptop's Fold Processor, for starters; this also gives you an octave divider. Blind Monk's Harmonic Multiplier also provides a dual-input mixing solution. But the most over the top version of this could be Vintage Synth Lab's AWM-3...a three input wavefolding mixer. FYI, combining functions like this is a great way to free up space in a smaller build like this; you could employ this as an audio mixer post-VCOs to give you a single audio path beyond it...and then this cascades on down to allow for simpler filters, mixers, processing, etc...all of which can then go in as smaller modules, which then ups your patch complexity while potentially spending less money.
-- Lugia

Hi Lugia,

Thanks for your response. With regards to the Cwejman DMF-2, I just received it in trade for a drum machine that has been sat unused under my bed for some time. Believe me, it was a good trade! I see what you're saying about its classic nature, and honestly, that Filter8 is one of the sexiest things I've ever heard, however this Cwejman piece does sound incredibly lovely.....anything I put through it gains a really lush, warm sound, almost as if it's been pushed through a really expensive pre-amp or something. And when you sum three sound sources together with it, it just does something lovely that I haven't heard from anything else I've used. So I really appreciate your suggestions, but for the moment I'm not looking to change filters. Now, onto the other bits. VCA's, yes, absolutely! How about an Intellijel Quad VCA, seems nice and is a lot in only 12HP, would also boost my basic mixing capabilities within the system, any thoughts? Aside from that, I'm definitely needing another envelope generator, and I'm open to any other suggestions. Anything crazy I haven't considered yet? Or do I just fill it out with bread and butter, basic, functional modules?

Hi Garfield,

Thanks for your reply. I have already purchased all of these modules. I've been using the system almost as it is for a year actually, apart from the DMF-2, which is a recent addition. I can generate LFO's from Maths, Black VC EG, Rubicon, Disting and Marbles, so I don't think I need to use up my last bit of precious space with another LFO. I currently mix audio with my MIX3, my filters and with Maths, and use the MIX3 as a final audio output module. That MIX3 has such a lush sound when you sum things that I've been considering another, it overdrives beautifully. To be honest I also take quite a few separate outputs from modules to a mixing desk for EQing and FX processing etc. The system is more of a studio/composition tool for me, I don't really have any desire to perform live with it. At least not any time soon. With regards to the multiples, I do tend to use both, hmmmm, maybe I could live without one of them. I think for now I'll lose the midi breakout, shift the multiple from the bottom into the top row, and that will leave me with 22HP to play with.

Definitely craving more stuff that generates triggers, another envelope generator, and a bunch of the things I love about the disting... hell, maybe just another Disting in place of the midi breakout. Although I'm getting on fine without one, I would probably benefit from a nice quantiser (again I occasionally use the Disting for this).

Maybe a Micro Ornament & Crime? Wavefolding, extra audio/cv mixing are also thing's I'd like....

Ignore the fact that this case is 9U, I've actually got a 6U case and don't intend on going any bigger. This system is already ridiculously powerful. I sometimes use it with lots of other external gear, and sometimes standalone. I swing between using it to generate raw material which I then sample and make tracks with, or making drones, melodic generative stuff, as a filter box for external sounds, and at the moment lots of pretty techno-minded stuff. But I need to fill that last 18HP, question is, how? Hmmmmm. I lust after so many things, hence not having filled it yet. Trying to see what I'm needing/craving most. Another VCA, another EG, a wavefolder, something else that generates triggers, a quantiser, fx, a bunch more Distings to do it all?! God knows!

Suggestions for the most powerful ways to use up that space?

The only thing that doesn't get much use is the Disting midi breakout, it's actually pretty redundant, so I could lose that without noticing and gain a tiny bit more space. Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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