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ChipTuneOverLord Eurorack View
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Performance Rig Eurorack View
Kodoiro Brown Future Eurorack View
Guerrilla - Jacopo/Lovisa Eurorack View
Kodoiro Brown - Current Eurorack View
Kodoiro Red - Soon Eurorack View
My wonky Eurorack Eurorack View
Kodoiro Red - Future Eurorack View
Kodoiro Brown Future Alt Eurorack View
Kodoiro Brown Future Alt Mono - Stereo idea Eurorack View
Kodoiro Red - Future Alt Mono -Stereo Eurorack View
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Felix (5), Eloquencer (5), 0 Sugar (5), SHFT (5), Ants (5), SDSV+ (5), Filter 8 (5), ES-8 (5), MIC (5), TTLFO v2 (5), Delta-V (5), Ian Fritz 2x AD/AR (5), Klang (5), MIR (5), 1BIT Multitap Delay (5), Tool (5), Grains (new panel) (5), Starving Binary (5), Erbe-Verb (5), Humpback Filter (4), Drum Mixer (4), Kickall (4), Spring Reverb (4), HexMix VCA (4), Discrete XNOR/XOR/NOT (4) and Arcadian Rhythms (1)
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