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Dual 7u (Moar Contollerz - In Progress)Eurorack
Headlands Eurorack (copied from Headlands)Eurorack
Dual 7u (towards full sample)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Wavetable heavy)Eurorack
Frap MixEurorack
Dual 7u (Current State)Eurorack
Dual 7u (New goals & thoughts)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Aspirational)Eurorack
Skiffy ControlEurorack
My cussed EurorackEurorack
Dual 7u (In Progress)Eurorack
Interrum OverflowEurorack
104HP Chaos Rack (copied from scottmoon)Eurorack
joy skiffEurorack
Starter 7U (Stage Three Point Five)Eurorack
Current 7U (Stage Three)Eurorack
Hybrid Buchla (Current State)Buchla
Dual 7u (Instruo voice)Eurorack
Beauty CaseEurorack
Starter 7U (Current State)Eurorack
My Main rack (copied from msegarra12)Eurorack
prospective EliteModular stages (#6 a/b) (copied from sibilant)Eurorack
lickable mudcake single row (copied from innocent_donkey)Eurorack
Starter 7U (Stage Five)Eurorack
Starter 7U (old modules transition - Stage Four)Eurorack
Starter 7U (Stage Three)Eurorack
Starter 7U (Stage Two)Eurorack
Starter 7u (Frapish) (mix on bottom)Eurorack
Dual 7u (188)Eurorack
Starter 7U (old modules transition - stage one)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Take 3 - sampling)Eurorack
Starter 7u (Frapish)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Take Three)Eurorack
84HP 6U MigrationEurorack
2600 in 7UEurorack
Dual 7u plus skiff (Take Three)Eurorack
Dual 7u plus skiff (Take Two)Eurorack
Starter 7U (w/ FX)Eurorack
Starter 7U (initial intellijel & old modules)Eurorack
Dual 7u (Take Two)Eurorack
Single 7u plus paletteEurorack
Dual 7u plus paletteEurorack
84HP 6U from Chris (copied from scottmoon)Eurorack
Dual 7uEurorack
Starter 7U (no FX)Eurorack
CV JoyEurorack
Hybrid BuchlaBuchla

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