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Current Setup (portable + tracker) (V4)EurorackPrivate
Current Setup (portable + tracker) (V5)EurorackPrivate
Current Setup (portable + tracker) (V3)EurorackPrivate
Current Setup (portable + tracker) (V2)EurorackPrivate
Current Setup (portable + tracker) (V1)EurorackPrivate
Key Tracker (v2)EurorackPrivate
CDS 2021EurorackPrivate
Key TrackerEurorackPrivate
HOME studioEurorackPrivate
Current Setup (v3)EurorackPrivate
Doepfer Synth VoicesEurorackPrivate
Datach'i Main Frame (copied from Runciter)Eurorack
Current Setup (v 0.2)EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9.4 MANTIS + POD / CDS (copy)EurorackPrivate
Keystep Pro (v2)EurorackPrivate
62HP Intellijel Pallette Minimum Viable Party 1 (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
CDS 2020EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v4 (DIGIT-ALL)EurorackPrivate
Keystep ProEurorackPrivate
Current Setup (portable + tracker)EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9.4 MANTIS + POD / CDSEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9.4 Mantis Case + PODEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9.3 Mantis Case + PODEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9.2 Mantis Case + PODEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.9 Mantis CaseEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.8 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.7 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.6 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.5 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.4 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.3 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3.2 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v3 (x2 rows) + Beatstep ProEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v1.4.4 (copy)EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v1.4 (copy)EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v2EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v2 POD64X CDSEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v2EurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v2 CDSEurorackPrivate
MR_BCN v2 POD64XEurorackPrivate
Generative MelodyEurorackPrivate
Caterina Barbieri Boiler Room Live (copied from InnoDB)Eurorack
CDS 2018 (parte 4)EurorackPrivate
Jam viernesEurorackPrivate
Current Utilities (Caja Doepfer)EurorackPrivate
Caja DoepferEurorackPrivate
Current SetupEurorackPrivate
MI MODULAR (V3) (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
MI MODULAR (V3) (copy) (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
MI MODULAR (V3) (copy)EurorackPrivate
CDS 2018 (parte 3)EurorackPrivate
Jimmy EdgarEurorack
M.M. 2.0EurorackPrivate
MI MODULAR (V3)EurorackPrivate
James Holden MusicRadar InterviewEurorack
CDS 2018 (parte 2)EurorackPrivate
CDS 2018EurorackPrivate

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A-118 EU €38,00 
Metropolis EU €480,00 
Model D EU €245,00 
M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay EU €135,00 
Pico DRUMS EU €230,00 

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A-134-1 (5), A-148 (5), Metropolis (5), Grids (5), A-199 (5), Magneto (5), A-106-5 SEM (5), ADDAC207 (5), A-119 (5), Dual ADSR (5), Quad VCA (5), Buff Mult (5), Disting mk4 (5), Skipmin (5), A-151 (5), Pro Output (Natural Aluminum) (5), A-185-2 (5), Plaits (5), T43 (5), Mutant Hot Glue (5), E352 Cloud Terrarium (5), ASSIMIL8OR (5), Dr. Octature II (5), Maths (5), DTM (5), A-160-2 (5), Euclidean Circles v2 (5), Plague Bearer PB-1E (4), M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay (4), Marbles (4), Batumi (4), A-118 (4), A-138b (4), Clouds (4), A-128 (4), Optomix rev2 2016 (3), A-106-1 (3) and A-183-9 (2)
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