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Northern Light Modular - h series Buchla View
Frappuccino® Grande Eurorack View
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Submitted Modules

TSNM 1 HP ControllerExpressionSequencerClock GeneratorClock ModulatorCV ModulationQuantizer View
292h Dual Lowpass Gate 1 HP Low Pass Gate View
281h Dual Function Generator 1 HP Envelope Generator View
226h CV-MIDI Interface 1 HP MIDI View
225h MIDI-CV Interface 1 HP View
202h Utilities 1 HP Utility View
NLM blank – hBP 1 HP Blind Panel View
Trommelmaschine – Model hTM 1 HP MIDISequencer View
Voltage Circus – Model hVC 1 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationPolarizer View
Electric Dompteur – Model hED 1 HP LFO View
Fingerdrums – Model hFD 1 HP Drum View
CV Polymorpher - Model hOC 1 HP CV ModulationLFO View
Time & Triggers - Model hTT 1 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
8-bit Synth Voice – Model h8B 1 HP Synth Voice View
Classic Oscillator – Model hCO 1 HP Oscillator View
Morphing Mixer – Model hMM 1 HP MixerWaveshaper View
Polemixing Filters – Model hPF 1 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Effect Processor - Model 2H9 1 HP Effect View
Spectral Resonator - Model 2SR 1 HP EffectEqualizer View
Animated Tricillator - Model 2AT 2 HP LFOOscillator View
2MM 1 HP View
Evenmidi 4U - Model 2EM 1 HP ControllerCV ModulationMIDI View
Polemixing Filters - Model 2PF 1 HP Dual/StereoFilterSequencer View
CV Polymorpher - Model cardOC V2 2 HP CV ModulationLFOUtilityFunction Generator View
EvenMidi 3U – Model euEM 14 HP MIDI View
cardEM + cardOC 4 HP View
258e / DPO 1 HP LFOOscillatorWaveshaperDual/Stereo View
A2 8 HP Synth Voice View
Model 248 Expander 248-EXP 2 HP Function GeneratorSequencerExpander View
Quad Envelope VCA - Model 2EV 1 HP QuadVCAEnvelope Generator View
uO_Cx 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationFunction GeneratorUtility View
Dual CV Polymorpher - Model 2OC 1.5 1 HP CV ModulationFunction GeneratorQuadSequencer View
Time and Triggers - Model 2TT 1 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorSequencer View
25S 1 HP Dual/StereoOscillatorLFOWaveshaper View
MUC-810 1 HP MIDI View
Penrose "Spirograph" alt. 6 HP Quantizer View
x0x heart Eurorack Module 18 HP FilterOscillatorSynth VoiceVCA View