I'm done adding modules.  I'll find (or create) and upload the missing pictures as soon as I can.


Edit: The quad lo pass is indeed a Cyndustries model.  The front panel doesn't say that though.

Documenting Larry Hendry's synth for posterity.  I've added in all of the Synth Tech modules along with the UEG and the Time Machines, but I'll have to create the rest of the modules before I can add them...

Thread: poly trip

Hi. Since you have polyphonic system, my update for ACXSynth MIDI2CV may be interesting for you. Check out my comment for this module.

Thread: My Modules

Read my comment for ACXSynth polyphonic MIDI2CV. It may be interesting for you if you have programming equipment for PIC microcontrollers.

Thread: Låda

Nice setup,

i'm trying to copy deadmau5's modcan synthesizer by looking at a picture of his modcan system on his facebook wall  and then copying it on modular grid i'm also adding a few of my favorite modules of my own ( facebook link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150961810066806&set=a.10150961809441806.413530.9980651805&type=3&theater

Wow....do you own this beast or are you building it?

@Togodumnus I have actually returned the Cell 48 cases and I'm now going with a Monorocket M6104 which I have already. I'm still waiting for AH to get 2 new modules from Intellijel (Dual ADSR and Dr. Octature II) once AH have the modules I'll drive down and pick them up. I've also decided to go with a 1965 Moskwa sequencer from XAOC Devices. You can have a look at my new system here ModularGrid Rack

You don't need to fill your modular cabinet(s) in one fell swoop (as Shakespeare would have it). I've just ordered my Dark Energy/Time bundle along with an empty A-100 LCB low-cost base cabinet (2x84HP) which I'll be stuffing full of modules over the next few months. This initial setup will be expanded by the addition of an A-100 LC9 (or LC6) at some future date, hopefully resulting in a pretty decent 5x84HP (or 4x84HP) Eurorack system by the middle of next year. The first batch of Doepfer gear should be arriving this Wednesday (4th Sept) with the first row of modules (all Doepfer) planned for the beginning of October.

What have you decided in the end?

@Togodumnus You're right....I'm actually trying to decide if I'm going to ditch this system all together, return the 2 Cell 48 cases that I have and start building the Monorocket case instead. I don't have any modules yet so making the move to go with a larger case would be easy to do at this point. I'll know for sure by Tuesday.

That's a tiny modular system, Upright. I predict that it will not be long before you'll be upgrading to a larger cabinet and adding some more modules. I see that you're already looking at the Moskwa sequencer on your other rack here at Modular Grid.

I can't wait until the new year when I should have enough dosh for my first modular - probably all Doepfer. In the meantime, I'm gonna have to be satisfied with a Doepfer Dark-Energy/Dark-Time combo but all of the modular vendors here in the UK are on holiday until the end of August, so I'm gonna have to wait even for these semi-modular goodies.

Hey Togodumnus, I'm using a dual 48hp case from Pittsburgh Modular. The only down side to the case I have is that it does not support +5v but for my first system it's not a big concern. 

I really like the linear pots on the Dual ADSR module because they give the eye a graphic representation of the generated envelope, unlike rotary pots which require closer examination. The module's single downfall is its 14HP width, but for people like me with poor eyesight, this new offering by Intelligel is a "must buy".

What case/cabinet will you be using?

I don't quite have it yet. I'm waiting on 2 brand new Intellijel modules (Dr Octatrue II and Dual ADSR)  to be delivered to Analogue Haven so I can drive to Santa Monica and pick up all of these modules at once. I should have everything up and running within 2 weeks and I'll be sure to report back on the Rubicon. :-)

How do you like the Rubicon?

Very cool!

Yep, this is it exactly (for the moment).  I swap out some other modules depending on situation, but for now this is it.



Really nice Peff.  I've seen you using the Moskwa in a vid but Is this an exact representation of your system or are you building this one? -Upright

Discussion on Muffs


Thread: The Operator

Interesting setup you got there! 

Thanks FSK an Upright. I copied your copy, FSK. Honestly, I've looked at Maths several times (YouTube) and have seen it do a bunch of neat things, but never saw it do a bunch of things at once. Therefore went for stand alone stuff. Will keep on looking. 

At this point my attention is moving towards a midi/CV controller for my Moog and repair +MIDI for my Roland Jupiter 4. Likely , I'll look at a more abbreviated modular depending on what I see is a need. Those synthesizer outputs could have a nice path to follow through the modular, or the modular could be synth Midi channel #5,6. It'd be input, effects and rhythm heavy for sure. Gotta route the guitar through it too! Guitar is just a backup because of the way I can't play it! 


I can vouch for the new Maths....I've had one for a few days...it's amazing!

Oh. Spock also looks like a cool little too . AND,  Xor OR NOT!

Yah FSK...Thanks.....Being new to modular, the snazzy FX isn't doing it for me. I have somewhat of a Moog/Roland mindset. I like the triggerman and slipped that in.


Also added dual mixers.  It doesn't seem dual multi-channel mixing in one 8 hp box is available, yet. Trying to keep it in stereo, which a few of my keyboards are lacking.

Oh, Upright...you ask the million dollar question. My CFO has her reigns on my wallet. I may slowly start, then finish in a few years. Maybe by the time I am 50?

This looks great...how long before it's a reality? 

Now it's changed after advice from Muffwiggler friends. Made it longer, added some cost, but it's a more diverse system.....Thinking of sacking the Intellijel Dual ADSR for a MFB dual ADSR + adding the INtellijel Panning VCA instead of the mVCA. THoughts? See my AFF2, AFF3 synths.


Trying to keep the cost under $4k.....leaves $234 for power and rack rails.....almost there. Will make the rack.

My current modular rig.

This is how I hope to expand My January 2014 EuroRack (ModularGrid Rack) by July next year. It's a bit more interesting as it contains modules other than Doepfer; mainly Intellijel, Circuit Abbey, Pittsburgh Modular and TipTop Audio. It appears that I may have difficulty in obtaining the Pittsburgh Modular gear tho'.

The intention is to buy another A-100P9 case and re-arrange all new and existing modules into this monster configuration.

I've also recreated my super-droolsome system as two separate ModularGrid racks: A-100P9 Left (ModularGrid Rack) and A-100P9 Right (ModularGrid Rack).

Again, any constructive criticisms or advice will be gladly taken on board.

This is the all-Doepfer EuroRack starter modular I plan to purchase in January 2014 - I'm ordering my A-100 Owners Manual tomorrow, so the rack layout may change a little after I've absorbed all the information it contains.

What do you fellow wigglers think?

Any constructive criticism will be gladly accepted, whereas all adverse comments will be treated with derision, mashed into a crun and immediately forgotten.

Thread: Current

i meant   Pulplogic/Erthenvar makes a tile carrier  that hold 6  tiles in 20hp   - but i see what you mean 

Thread: Current

Well they all sit in 1U row so no they'll not move to a tile carrier, if modular grid allowed for 1U tiles be shown properly it'd great!

Thread: Current

i  think the Eurorack Tile Carrier might be a better way to go - you can get 6 tiles in 20 hp 

Thread: Current

I should add that I use the modular together with a laptop and some outboard gear like tape echos and delays

Thread: Current

These are currently in two different cases for now since I have a lot of Pulplogic/Erthenvar tiles that sadly won't fit in the bigger case, but then again I'll probably outgrow these too :/

The ADSR takes a Gate signal from either your sequencer, controller keyboard, or MIDI converter, and then shapes it, so that it isn't just straight "on" and "off." The resulting shaped signal then goes to the CV IN on your VCA.

I stare at this thing. Can anyone explain how the signal gets in and out of the ADSR. Or does it merely act as an output to trigger the oscillators? Confusion on my behalf.

I like advice. This is similar to my others. I want to run a guitar through it, use it as a monosynth, use it as a rhythm section, and finally feed through it to control my old MOOG with CVgate and trigger. Maybe three of theses at a time, depending on what I am doing? Critiques are welcome because I am new at this. Controls would be via my Roland D20 keyboard/synth sequencer or an old Korg Poly 800 as just a keyboard/midi interface.



Additional videos of performances with this 12U case:

Link to one of my first recordings with this new system here on vimeo:


Recording of my piece called "Creature" Part II for MakeNoise Records, which was recorded with this system using only the MakeNoise modules.

this user has left ModularGrid

One of my latest tracks, made with this system plus an Elektron Machinedrum, and Roland R8 and TB-303...


Thread: Rhythm Rack

Pamela's Workout by ALM Busy Circuits is the Clock of all Clocks, if you ask me. To answer your question, however, you can dispense with a dedicated clock if you don't mind losing the use of a square-wave LFO, but you should consider using a Pulse/Clock Divider in conjunction (with an LFO).

Thread: Rhythm Rack

THis unit is probably out of my price range. I have another version wothout a rhythm section/clock. Curious from those of you who know, would I need a clock beyond the clock out from the MIDI and LFO? THanks!

Neither of these oscillators are a bad choice - they feature regularly in my own dream/drool racks - but relegating a perfectly good VCO to lowly modulation duties would break my heart - personally, I would prefer to install a dedicated LFO (or several)