So here we go again, since I hit my Max Budget for now and am thus forced to take a little break from acquiring new modules. I recon this is as good a time as any to take a step back and reflect on what I currently have.

First of all thanks to @Lugia, @troux and @JimHowell1970 for ther contribution to my first thread and Rack.

Here‘s what I‘m currently working with:
ModularGrid Rack

Quite different from what I originally planned for.
One of the biggest changes might be Tides instead of Plaits, I made that decision after spending a few hours on VCV Rack and developing a deep love for Tides V2 PLL and Oscillator Modes and I don‘t regret it one bit, together with a simple Analog VCO it makes a lovely Voice (well actually even on it‘s own) and I wouldn’t have thought that I‘d enjoy two Operator FM so much, it‘s just a bunch of Fun to me. Also Chords: Awesome.

Currently debating moving disting into the upper (audio) row and exploring it as an effect, Filter, VCA or Oscillator, though I really enjoy the quantized shift register and Euclidian Patterns.
It would take the place of the LXD I had planned for. Since I got Ripples V1, at a great price, I feel like my Filtering and LPG needs are well met.

Next purchase will probably be Stages, seems to fulfill all my needs regarding modulation and beyond.

One thing I didn‘t plan for originally but I‘ve found myself wanting is a Clock/Divider in 4 HP. Options I‘m considering are the Noise Engineering and Ladik offerings, since more often than not I end up using my LFO as a Clock. (Any Opinions on Pamelas New Workout+Stages in such a small System?)

First thing I would probably replace when the Rack is full is the A-140, eventhough I really dig the Range Switch, would probably replace it with a second hand factory Peaks.

Overall I‘m very happy with where I‘m heading.

That‘s all I can think of right now, Any Opinion welcome. Thank you guys.

Thought I might as well add a visual representation of what I‘m planning currently so here you go:

ModularGrid Rack

looks kind of like a beauty case I could make up from my rack!!! - I have 11 of the 17 modules in the future rack!

in such a small rack I would probably drop at least one of the modulation sources - although peaks is pretty handy!

not sure I'd need both shades and the doepfer offset/atten in such a small case

I‘ll take that as a compliment @JimHowell1970!
Yeah I looked at your collection half an hour ago or so and noticed just that! :D

Yeah not sure if the Doepfer Atten-Offset will stick around, what would you replace it with if it was your rack? Maybe get PNW for clocking instead of the Noise Engineering Module, I almost feel like that might be overkill? Or just get a logic Module in the 4hp?

I'd spend the money on a bigger case!!!
PNW is great
if you can find a kinks buy one they have been discontinued

I know that’s good advice, but I love the portability and I think I‘d rather get this case done and then look for an Analog Four or something.. before I drown in debt.

But on a more serious note, some day for sure. For now I think I‘m good with 120HP though, thanks for the Advice!

don't drown in debt - go as fast or slow as your budget allows!
and a mantis is still quite portable, for example, unless you are a small child!

Thanks Jim,
Yes one or two Mantis would seem like a smart move once I feel the need to expand, also fairly affordable for 208hp of space!