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This is my actual case mantis and barton video Eurorack Private
Erica Eurorack View
My plumbless Eurorack Eurorack View
This is my 2nd mantis case (mainly video) Eurorack Private
This is my actual case mantis case Eurorack Private


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Module Collection

This User has 23 modules in his collection.

Veils, Rings, Tides, Kinks, Peaks, Branches, Trim, Clouds, A-151, Disting mk4, WL Divider, ES-8, WL Multiple, A-119, A-138d, Tune, Maths, TM, Links, A-132-1, Invert Mix, A-138u and Mix 02

Rated Modules

This User rated 17 modules.

Veils (5), Links (5), Branches (5), Tune (5), TM (5), Kinks (5), Peaks (5), WL Multiple (5), Clouds (5), Tides (5), Rings (5), Disting mk4 (5), A-138d (4), A-119 (4), Mix 02 (4), Trim (4) and WL Divider (4)
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