ModularGrid Rack

I've spent the last few months planning/researching/studying and finally feel good about these modules.

I ended up throwing some utility modules into a smaller, additional rack.
ModularGrid Rack

I'm wondering:
- am I missing anything crucial?
- should I scrap the additional rack and add more utility modules to the main one?

General feedback is more than welcome. I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.
The kind of music I'd like to make ranges from drone/noise to rhythmic/spacey/electronically-orchestral.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

a single case will be much more useful than splitting them up and probably work out cheaper in the long run

buy one that has space free after all the modules you want now - allow 10mA per rail for power for these and allow 25-30% headroom (to allow for inrush)

it will also allow you to replace the 2hp vcas with a quad cascading one, such as veils - which are incredibly useful and give you 4 channels + mixing for about the same amount of cash - plus better ergonomics - same with the micro clone - full size modules are much nicer!!!

+1 on expanding the case here. Doing so would make for a more effective build, plus with something such as a Mantis, you can probably wind up saving some money as you're not buying two cabs, two power supplies, two busboards, etc. Little cabs like these DO have uses, just not as the "canvas" for a full system build.

On my drive to work today I realized I had forgotten to mention that I have the Moog Subharmonicon, Behringer Model D, and Mutable Instruments Branches as well as an empty Intellijel 62hp palette. I think I'm going to take your advice and focus on just one case first. I need to remember that some of the utilities/functions are covers by the above mentioned units.

Apologies for the forgetfulness.

I won't be throwing the subH or model D into the palette but plan to use them in concert with it.

With these things in mind:
- what can I cut/merge from the second "utility" rack?
- is there an alternative to Maths that you'd recommend? (preferably less hp)

I'll be noodling on a copy of the main rack throughout the day but I'll leave the original as is so anyone can have a feel for what I was going for.


personally I would keep Maths - download the 'maths illustrated supplement' and work your way through it, it is a great primer for patching modular synthesizers in general

I would take disting from the lower case and take everything out of the 3u row of the other case except maths and fx aid xl, then add a quad cascading vca - such as veils and a full size plaits - which would leave 12hp - branches will fit in as you already have it - pick up a kinks whilst you can - there is stock in some shops but they are discontinued and great value for money! - leave the last 2 hp free until you work out what you actually need

About the only "Maths alternative" aside of having a full-on analog computer would be to have a RandomSource Dual Universal Slope Gen (an exact Eurorack replica of the Serge original) plus some various routing and modification mojo...a MISO or Frap 321, a few VCAs, and maybe a mod or two to the RS module itself. It really IS one of the very few "mandatory" Eurorack modules out there!

ModularGrid Rack

ok so I decided on this as a happy compromise between feedback and the goals I had.

Thank you both for your wisdom and kindness.

cool - I hope you enjoy it and that it lives up to your expectations!