Hey all!! It's been half a year since I started my Eurorack journey and I'm having a blast!!

This is my current rack: ModularGrid Rack

I pair it with some pedals and reverb on my laptop.
I had to take Maths out cause of space unfortunately (:/), but am getting a skiff this week, so it might get a second chance in!!! :)

I've made this other rack 'fantasy', trying to have an imagination of where I want to go in the future and have a possible final iteration! Maths won't be there.... :D Would rather go with Falistri as an alternative. Rings won't be there either.
I want to incorporate lots of field recording, my double bass as acoustic instrument and texture source, some guitar also. The music I want to create ambient, drone, with lots of lo-fi elements, tape degradation sounds, etc.

ModularGrid Rack

The whole system would be in two 7U (104hp) cases, so I also have an idea for the second 1U row with some mosaic modules and I'm sure I'd like to integrate some Ritual Electronics and possibly the Noise Tools and Stereo In and Out from IJ.

So I'd like some pointers on how to go further, please. As in, what should I add to my skiff (104 hp) keeping in mind I'd like mostly to expand on the modulation further. I know I need a sequencer and would like a second filter that should be stereo, apart from the needed modulation and a real mixer.

Thanks in advance y'all!!! :D

the rack as a whole seems very light on utilities - 'the dull polish that keep the shiny modules shining'
I would basically fill the skiff with a variety of these - you can get a lot more out of the modulation sources that you have by multing, mixing and modifying them more - a matrix mixer is especially useful, as are small mixers, offsets, polarizers, switches etc etc etc

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Thanks for chiming in! I’m using the Quadratt and Duatt as modulation mixers, offset and polarizers.
The current case is 7U on the first link, meaning the bottom 3U row is the coming skiff.
They would of course stay in one of the 1U rows in the big system! ;)

I have a switch incoming (and I’m really looking forward to it), when one of the ceis gets to the shop, as they were bought at the same time...

The matrix mixer is something I’m really considering, as it’s such a good way to open up modulation possibilities, as you said! Do you have any preference?

I have a couple of the smaller DIY ones (pusherman and york modular) - the AISynthesis one is similar - if you are pushed for space then they are fine - although if I was to buy one now I would probably go for the doepfer or the 4ms vcam - or maybe the doepfer and a rebel technology mix04 - or maybe the nonlinearcircuits clump

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!