Dear gods, I see why they call this Eurocrack. Out of room already! Where's my Fixed Filter Bank?!

Why don't you take the Neutron out of the Case to make Room for more Modules?

noob mistake - too small case

oh and take the neutron out - it has it's own case!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

And Mr. Annoying here makes three! So, yeah...remove that Neutron!

Also, Jim makes a good point...the cab's way too small. When beginning a build here, always start with a case that you know is too big...because the reality of the situation is that the "too big" case is usually just the right size! Oh, and you're NOT trapped in an Intellijel case, might want a peek here: Case From Lake over in Italia, dahling can do alterations to their stock versions seen at that link, and those include tile rows in EITHER you could do an Intellijel format one AND a "standard" one if you felt the need. Stonkin' power specs from 'em, too...they know what they're doing.

Well, I put the Neutron in so I could see it alongside the modules. But the plan was to make a 4u case! You may have gathered from my module choices -- I'm doing this on a tiny budget. First case will be cardboard and gaffa tape. So, no, no plans to take the Neutron out of it's case and throw out its power supply!
Currently trying to work out where I could fit another 3u case in the office. Can't see how. Cross that bridge once I've filled the first one, I suppose…