Hey there. Building my first rack and trying to follow the advice: build with a purpose. I have the intention to create percussive sounds with my build that I can sample / play / control in general with my Digitakt. I've found Plonk (looks rad) and I know I'll need some midi connections. Any suggestions for the rest of my Doepfer A-100 LC1 Low Cost Case - 3U (48hp)? I started to fill it up with an envelope, lfo, filter, etc, but figured I'd ask if any one has recommendations on plonk pairings.

Thank you.

I wouldn't worry about pairings for the Plonk. 48 hp will NOT be enough space for this to work. Either you'll have to resort to a pile of very slim modules that are no fun to work with long-term, or you'll have to compromise on something essential.

Given the importance of MIDI here, my suggestion would be to get an Intellijel Palette...104 hp, preferably. With that, you can locate the MIDI interface in the cab's tile row (along with a number of useful utilities) and use the cab's USB for connection between it and your DAW, controller, etc. With more space, you can then avoid the super-tight spacings common with "Beauty Case" builds AND you'll get to have proper sections for sound generation, control, and modification.

thanks for your input!

I don't think you're going to find too many percussion (one shot) sounds that you can build in an expensive Eurorack skiff that you can't build in a $60 DAW on your computer.

I think where you'll find an advantage is sync'ing your Digitakt to a Eurorack case and creating complicated patterns and modulations to elements that compliment your Digitakt sequences.

I agree with ronin in that generating patterns in the modular would be much more interesting than with a digitakt

but that leads you to the problem of case size - forget the intellijel 4u and go directly to 6u or 9u - you will use it

I also think it's interesting to at least consider having some basic building blocks to roll your own drums if you are going to go this way - noise sources, filters, vcos, vcas, snappy envelopes - rather than just buying all pre-built modules that lots of other people have

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!