I am very shy and never post about my work, but I read and read and love the community of modular and synth people like you. Having said that, here is what I have on the way this weekend. I already owned all the semi-modular stuff, and yes, I understand that they should maybe not be in this case, but I want to build this system around what I already know and love while adding in all the other items on my wish list. Besides, the semi stuff is very immediate and ready to go anytime.

If this was yours, how would you place everything?

HELP lol Really considering the patch paths I need to take to be efficient and keep things somewhat orderly. So mixer, sequencer, modulation placement, voice placement, things like this. Want it to be clean and easy to patch :) BTW, I already paid for all of it, just waiting on delivery, so there is no going back. I hope I am as smart as my other personalities think I am.

Any thoughts on my concept would also be nice...

I already feel this is common sense:
-Behringer is evil and yes, I carry shame with that brand in my case. But, no one I know in real life will ever understand and I have no online cred anyway, so who cares. I have the only 2 I will ever buy!
-The case is really voiced and focused by the Moog sound. I'm so in love, and this case is a result of my passion for the triple Moog threat.
-I do not want to fill up the bottom row yet. I am saving the 164 HP for expansion as I further understand this case and evolve.

Side note. I also have Zoia and Poly Beebo on the side as sends (for now) and they can CV with some effort on my part. So, that's a huge consideration as those two pedals alone could probable serve as this entire rack, so my intention is to use them and just pull in the modules I need this way and maybe send there functions out as needed. Very much an open space :)

I will entertain all suggestions. If VCV rack has your module in it, I will try it tonight and learn from your suggestion.
Be gentle on me please, this is my first ever post on the internets and I have too much grey hair for a mid40's nerd.


ModularGrid Rack

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Hello! Welcome to the internet :)

Other than trial and error and just seeing what feels right to you, I've seen a lot of trends on racks keeping the sequencing things, the controller things, and the stuff you tweak the most the "furthest down the rack" usually closer to you if you've got a two tiered rack or something. I'd try to position things to minimize patch cable distance and to group common type modules together.

Aesthetically, I moved all the Moogs ontop of each other so that it looks cool and all the patchbays line up. If you have a 4 row case, I'd move the neutron over ontop or below the moog stack to line up all the patch bays. That will probably result in the least number of headaches. Moved the mult to the middle area to jump modulation sources from one side of the rack to the other. Sequencer, mixer, and joystick towards the bottom, they've got a lot of their outputs on the top of the module as well so that when fully patched you can access the knobs easy. Then I fit in everything else in the space provided. Put the model D in the top right because it has the last number of patch points. Circling the red neutron looks cool to me also with it being center.

ModularGrid Rack


Edit: if you put the DFAM on the bottom, that's mostly a row of percussion, the middle row Mother32 that's like two subtractive synths next to each other, then the top row is like, other stuff, seems to click in my head. The midi jack on the right of the mother also all the way to the left seems to be a good spot for it. There's a DFAM to midi module someone made recently that you might be interested in if you'd like to connect your DFAM to a DAW or something. https://www.modulargrid.net/e/sonoclast-mafd-2hp-midi-adapter-for-dfam

Thank you @centzminger!!

I took your idea to heart and updated. That was smart, I actually get room for another 2hp this way and I wont have to reach as hi atm! (time for a 2hp quantizer for the DFAM?)

This is the rack I got as well, so ya, 4 tier (1.8k ouch!) anyways, mixer in the middle now for central location, all the percussion and mess with me things on the bottom. Maths was the center piece, but now it the mid top so that's a compromise. I am too OCD not to have everything filled out (the empty row already giving me GAS lol)

Open to more ideas, and to this forum and site credit, thank GOD I can plan out here instead of the real word, what a blessing!

Ok, so what other modules would you want? I think I have all the bases covered...but that ES black hole dsp2 looks like candy..

*on another note, do they make stereo patch cables? My MPC live 2 has 4 stereo ports. Thinking of adding it in the mix as the ES black seq only has 4 track. Just a side note.

So am I in the big boy rack club now? Or do I have to buy all the mutable stuff as well lol. Cant wait to post real life pics!!


OK...no, having the already-cased synths in the Eurorack case is a BAD idea. For one thing, it's incredibly wasteful. So, let's look at your case for a second, which is apparently a 4-row Doepfer "Monster".

That case has 672 hp available, and it's already powered. Street price on it at present = $1849. 1849/672=$2.75 (approximately) is the cost per hp for housing something in there.

You have 330 hp of this covered by synths that HAVE cases and HAVE power already. That 330 hp = $907.50. This is how much it costs YOU to house them there. So, break that six ways, and this means you've effectively added just over $150 to the cost of each one of those by doing this.

Yes, I get it...this is for convenience, etc. But there's definitely better ways to do this, such as a triple-tier Moog stand for those alone. By avoiding this, you're also keeping space open for devices that don't have power or cases already...such as the vast majority of Eurorack modules.

oh @Lugia your very correct and I agree with you all the way 100%. Thing is, the value I feel, is in what I don't have to deal with anymore. I already have the 3 tier rack for the moogs, and a very nice 2 tier for the shiet. But, with this A-100 case, I can leave all the power supplies behind, have nothing running to a huge analogue or digital mixer, and have everything in one ready to go case, while also have a more elegant presentation for my brain. Not to mention instant gratification as the base of all patch's? The separation and block style of my current rig (the way you suggest) will be gone, and I feel like I can be mobile (and get a workout lol) with this case, and ya, 164 hp to grow (at a proper cost of 2.75 per hp + circuit boards). I loved your price per HP point, that shit is unarguable!

I am a long term planner, and when (not if) I evolve out of these semies, they WILL go back in there case and power supply for free, while I add to my fn dope case. So, considering all this, if you can help me with my arrangement I would love that!

"Ok..no." was the first thought I had making this rig so its really funny!! Ill let you know how I do for sure with it, and back it up with some dope ass sounds. (btw, analyst for a living, human as a hobby) Better is subjective, helpful is not.



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Just a heads up, the 2nd row has that model D out of bounds by 2hp so you haven't actually got a spare 2hp from this set up~

If you already have the case and want to just put everything into one box, then I'd say continue with the arrangement, but there are definitely cheaper and more efficient ways to "put everything together" onto one slab if that's of interest. Like stacking all the semi-modulars together outside of the case and getting a 2 row rack for the rest of the modules. Idk much about the mpc live 2, but you'd probably need some way to convert from line to eurorack levels, using some external type modules. I like the 4ms listen for this kind of job.

Thanks for that, didn't notice.

Here is, I believe, the final form.

ModularGrid Rack

ModularGrid Rack

There's nothing wrong with Behringer when it comes to synths and modules. Some of their business practices I find abhorrent. But the quality of their synth stuff is good.

If you're going to rack all of those synths, then just get a couple of the large Behringer cases. There's no point in spending a lot of money on your case if you're going to fill it with semi-modular synths.

Thank you for the consistent advise. I'm pretty sure I'm making a noob mistake, but its ok, I welcome the growing pains! I like the semi stuff because it works with no patching. So my focus will be on modulation and sequencing more than synth design on these. The other goodies should cover that base. When they do not, I will put out the semi's and put them back in there cheep, powered case and grow that way.

I got the case today, and man is it a thing of beauty. Is it ok to share videos and patch's on this site? Do people support the music side here, or just more technical stuff.? BTW, what do you @Ronin1973 think of Brains? A good brides clone? I really wish MN would sell a rack version of strega...man I want that.

Is it ok to share videos and patch's on this site? Do people support the music side here, or just more technical stuff.?
-- Shadowsaun

Totally OK and welcome to share all that, there's a section of the forum dedicated to that: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/threads/index/8

BTW, what do you @Ronin1973 think of Brains? A good brides clone? I really with MN would sell a rack version of strega...man I want that.
-- Shadowsaun

Brains is more or less a copy of the currently available Mutable Instruments Plaits. And I feel you for the Make Noise Strega, what a beautiful instrument !

Right on. I kinda want to stay away from Behringer, but the price points are tempting. Btw, I have seen some clever powersupply adapters that can make MN table top stuff rackable. Think thats worth a shot or a was of space like my semi's

one good reason for spending the bit extra and buying a real mutable module rather than a clone is the fantastic support - I had a button fail on my Marbles - and after emailing mutable it was there, fixed and back in 6 days NL-> FR ->NL

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

I SOOO agree. I do love my 2 Behringer models, but they can not compete with the style or culture of the true jems in this industry.
My rack is now 75% complete and installed. I have not blow up anything yet and now understand way to much about power and power supplies. Hahah

trust me there is no such thing as knowing too much about power and power supplies

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!


Also, love your tag! SO TRUE!! Its amazing how much one silly little multi can do. Mind blowing! I had the model d one that latches on the the normal size case it comes with, it has two little switches that couple or uncouple the pair. I wired a ton of ransom cv in there and patched into my semi set up (previous life) and one flick meant outer space attack lol https://www.etsy.com/listing/782197921/behringer-synth-extender-multiples

Honestly, this one little cheep add on that was mainly cosmetic to me a fist, is the very reason I went all in. And maths.



if you can find a kinks buy it - inexpensive and incredibly useful - I always recommend this, links, shades and veils as a great utility starter set - pity kinks is discontinued!

doepfer matrix mixer - a thousand uses and again inexpensive

doepfer sequential switch

basically all the doepfer utility modules - excellent value for money - helps if you have a deepish case!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

my cab is so deep there is a hi dive! I have heard the deopfer stuff is a little lacking on build quality and, funny enough, not so good on the power pin/PS area...any truth in your experience? I think the most fun I will have (next week when I get it) is with the erica joystick 2. You can record 8 sec of movement....that into the mult...hummmm...

One other "one stop shop" utility that I recommend for certain smaller builds: SSF's Tool-Box. In 6 hp, you get a halfwave rectifier for waveshaping, an adder, a comparator, a diode OR, an inverter, and a 2-1 electronic switch, all for $149. For those building a specific, targeted synth, it might not be quite the thing, but anyone building a multi-purpose modular can get plenty of mileage out of something like that.

ModularGrid Rack

@Lugia that was a very good suggestion! I need to digest what I currently am working on, but I may get one of my top row. Btw:
ModularGrid Rack

Its very odd, I actually do have 2HP left in the second row, even if MD says none....is that odd to you guys?

Also, thanks to this thread, I took all the placement advise and Im SO GLAD I did! Patching is super easy, clean and not to bunched up to move tiny nobs :) Also, the 1010bit box mk2 is no joke. I have an MPC in my rack basically, its way OP.