Still working on some new tunes, the first one on this EP I shared before, but there's three new ones, including the first track I've recorded with the Metropolix, galaktoboureko acid. You can check em out here:

EP isn't finished yet, I'll probably add one more, something a bit more uptempo, but I thought I'd share anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Current version of the rack:

ModularGrid Rack

Man, this sounds great. Your mix on galaktoboureko acid especially sounds outstanding. Keep making the acid and I'll keep taking it. :)

Proper down tempo squidgy acid :) Nice.

Thank you both!

Hi Steve,

Wow, a new album, that's great! With EP do you mean the real thing on a vinyl record? That would be fantastic! :-)

All tracks make use of a lot of fun sounds, nice and attractive to the listener! From those four tracks, my favourite is the Wednesday Acid track. Kind of relaxing to listen at. By the way, how is the Metropolix?

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks for listening @GarfieldModular. I liked wednesday acid a lot too but the mimeophon parts on galaktoboureko are pretty sweet I think. It's hard to pick a favorite!