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360 serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse) (baby no stepper)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (more more more)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes recollectin) (dld)Eurorack
// acou (copied from mengqimusic)Eurorack
208 5 (kyma)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes recollectin) (baby steps 2)Eurorack
416 (jaap goes eurorackin)Eurorack
360 serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes recollectin) (baby steps)Eurorack
360 serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse) (au revoire)Eurorack
420 (recollections)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes recollectin)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes dancing) (turing)Eurorack
420 (recollections)Eurorack
360 2 (recollections)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (remember)Eurorack
Wol Drumbrute 62HP for justinEurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (baby steps)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (og)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (ssg)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2)Eurorack
208 4 (ambient 2) (ensemble)Eurorack
My flossy EurorackEurorack
208 3 (akemie goes dancing) (september acid)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes dancing) (new directions)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes dancing)Eurorack
Processing Vocals with Eurorack (Perfect Circuit: 08/05/2021) (copied from scobot1)Eurorack
My offbeat EurorackEurorack
208 4 (drums)Eurorack
208 3 (akemie goes dancing) (funky crow)Eurorack
208 2 (drone)Eurorack
akemie goes dancingEurorack
serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse) (MDLR)Eurorack
208 2 (so long)Eurorack
208 2 (hafler)Eurorack
kurt 3 (farkas take)Eurorack
A little test platform (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse) (scotland)Eurorack
kurt 2Eurorack
208 2 (gas)Eurorack
62HP Intellijel Pallette Generative Is A Patching Style System (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
208 1 (baby ambient) (visions)Eurorack
MDLR 94HP Wondercat Wishbone Brewery Edition (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
208 2 (og)Eurorack
Simple Techno Battlecat Proto 1 (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
One for hal_loomy (copied from Lugia)Eurorack
travel case for ColdTurkey28Eurorack
baby ambient (phase music castle)Eurorack
acido paletteEurorack
62HP Intellijel Pallette An Enhanced 303 Edition (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
My cloudy Eurorack under the seaEurorack
MDLR 94HP Wondercat Post Deer Shed 2018 (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
serge (la grenouille psychédélique et grosse) (pre-arrange)Eurorack
62HP Intellijel Pallette Minimum Viable Party 1 (Suggested Systems Video II) (copied from mylarmelodies)Eurorack
serge (la grenouille psychédélique, et sage)Eurorack
Surgeon live @ SchneidersLaden - 2016 (copied from liamhbray) (copied from justanametouse)Eurorack
first rack (so long)Eurorack

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Morgasmatron, Black Hole DSP2, Waver, ALM022 - Squid Salmple, Hertz Donut MK III, FALISTRI, Prism, DATA (BLACK), Harmonic Oscillator, Black Modulator V2, T-Rex Replicator, Plasma Drive, SOB, A-120, Atlantis, Stages, A-145-4, Comb (Black Panel), Bell (Black Panel), Himalia, MTX9 Pin Matrix, Prizma, MA35 VCF / A, MORPHEUS, Plaits, ZeroScope, Domino, Mimetic Digitalis, Vactrol SVF-201, Patch Chord v3, Chainsaw, 3x MIA, GameSystem, Arpitecht, ADE-32 Octocontroller, COLD MAC, Integra Funkitus, Fuzz Factory, Harmonaig, Pico Voice, Micro Sequence, ADDAC103 T-Networks, FM AID, JUST FRIENDS, Sinfonion, Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble, Elements, Rosie, A-127, STO (white knobs), Arp, tELHARMONIC (white knobs), DPO, RF Nomad, Bassline, Eurorack Noise Swash, Atoner, Sallen Key Filter BF-22, Triple Sloths V2, Makrow, 1983, µTune - silver edition, A-106-1, WAV Recorder, DSM01 Curtis Filter, Shifty, SumDif, W/, Steve's MS-22, Chord Organ (black panel), Percall, TG ONE, Salt, Select 2, mimosa, Selecta - reversible panel, FONT, Grids, Stmix, Muxlicer, MSCL, Queen of Pentacles (black), Stereomix, Delta-V, 321, Javelin, Timbre, Cali Oscillator, Amp & Tone, Hyrlo (inverted), Tš-L v2, CP, Bitbox 2.0, Lollipop, Isolator, Helvetica Scenario, M303, LS1lightstrip, 880, ANC, Extended ADSR, MIX 4, Lich , Katowice, tanh[3], Control Voltage Processor, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), ENVF, Planar 2, Stereomix 2 (Silver Panel), C-014 Dual VC lag, LDB-2e Analog Drums, Tallin, SoundStage, Mutant Machine, Multimode Ladder Filter, PanMix, TILT, Lockhart wavefolder, Four Bricks Rook, 4tten, OR, Lux, Terci Ruina, Viol Ruina, Kith Ruina, Quadrantid Swarm, ER-301: Sound Computer, Tempi, Micro Wuff, SCLPL, R2R DAC, Filter 8, Miasma, Rubicon II, ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Mutant Hot Glue, Z5000 (BLACK), Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black and Gold), HiPass, Short Bus V2:, Switched, SMIX, A*B+C, DP Filter, Plinky, 2LPG v1, x0x heart Eurorack Module, 2LPG v2, M-136 6ch slider mixer, A-151v, A-185-2v, A-160-5v, LDB-2x Expansion, Tool, L-124 Harmonics LFO, S-090 Dual probability skipper, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, Steppy, Infusor-X, A-160-2, ALM007 - Boss Bow Tie, PWR Checker, Nearness, Samples, Radio, 6x MIX, S-075 Burst generator, E-110 5-band EQ, A-410 Pan/Mix, Jumble Henge, MicroGrids (Black Panel), SL3KT, QMMG, Optomix, JOVE, Let's Splosh, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier v2 (Black Panel), Overseer (black panel), Loop, VC Logics, Skorn da Bask - Black panel, Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter, Short Bus V.3, Kickall, B-230 Curious Goat (silver), Rangoon, 6equencer-3U, Golden drum drone bank 14kr , Quad Operator, Total Recall (black), OSD - Or / Sum / Difference, CVilization, B-011 Sequential logic module, VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), Fold 6, CON, Sindikat (Alu Panel), A-182-4, Monsoon, S-080 Resettable divider, ADDAC605 VC Spectral Tilt, Pique CV Expander, Pique 1.1, 4HP Peaks with optional CV control, 6m0d6, Enhance 2, ADDAC102 VC FM Radio, A-106-5 SEM, Trouser Press, Wave Swarm, H-020 Harmonics Generator, L-010 Waveform Animator, Loopman, VC-SC (Eggshell White), A-111-6V, Clariphonic 500, 106 Chorus, S-411 Shaper, Zagrzeb, ADDAC506, Microcompressor Stereo, Stereo Discrete Microcompressor, A-130-8v, ADSRVCA, STEREO COMPRESSOR, Output Line Driver, Paradox, ADDAC603, UPE (Universal Panning Expander), Multimode VCA, Interstellar Radio, ANA, Tool-Box, Quad Invert, J-110 Derivator, Envelope Follower, Mini Slew, Contour 1, AWM-3, Choral Generator, Gemini's Path, FINALISER R-EQ, LR4 Crossover and Limit L-1, Triple Limiter

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