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I love the Doepfer SEM and Wasp filters quite amazing and less expensive than a lot other filters. Here is a good demo of the Doepfer SEM filter sweep I used today

Actually, this is a major symptom of using either the wrong VCA or wrong envelope behavior. When you use linear VCAs and/or linear envelopes, this can happen because our ears aren't linear with respect to "apparent loudness". We hear exponentially as far as volume is concerned, and the Decibel scale reflects that.

The actual fix here isn't a noise gate (sorta-kinda)... --Lugia

Lugia, thanks for the info but in my current patch there is no VCA after the filter, and the noise is present when there is no envelope going at all. And yes a noise gate gets rid of it. As I said, a VCA after the filter could also take care of it, thank you for elaborating on that. I'm aware of the rule of thumb you site in regards to linear vs exponential VCAs, I would just point out that as with any rule, there are exceptions. I use my ears and do whatever works for the current situation. A lot of my VCAs have adjustable response curves, so it's easy to go back and forth between linear and exponential without having to use another VCA.

The Frequensteiner sounds great but is a notoriously noisy filter, that's the only reason I mentioned it.

Best filter i ever had was the Blue Lantern Asteroid, awesome madness and very versatile. Stupidly sold it though. Currently i use the Blue Lantern Hermippe, its quite boring, similar to the Make Noise MMG, but it has the deepest wide ranging bass when resonating. Just got the Schlappi 100 Grit and love its dirty glitch and distortion.

Forbidden Planet, Wasp, Ikarie, and A Filter of Crows.

LPG's with exchangeable vactrols.

FIL4 Timbral Sculptor, Sprott.

  • edit - picked up a Cinnamon, glad I did, also the Multimode Transistor Ladder is super phat, love it.