Let me start this of by stating that, yes, this is not a Music Easel, it will never be and I wholeheartedly understand that.
Anyhow I really dug the Name and I feel there are a few similarities in form-factor and functionality.

So I'm starting to feel very confident about this built, this morning I had some time to sit down with the system again and it's so very inspiring and sounds great to me, yet I wanted to get some final Input before filling the case to the brim. And even though the consensus around here probably is that this case is too small, for what I'm trying to do I feel it's just right.
The Intention always was to have a very flexible single Voice. obviously this is a modular and it can do more if you push it, but I was looking for a singular Instrument that inspires me to come up with something on my other stuff, not to have a groove box in modular format.

So this is where I'm currently at:
ModularGrid Rack

I recently bought a Digitakt which I enjoy so much that I really want to Integrate it with this little Setup. I have previously stated that I mostly use the Doepfer LFO as a Clock, which hasn't changed so I figured I might as well substitute it for a midi interface and get my clock from that, also the Digitakt obviously features great LFO's and CC sequencing so that would make up for the loss probably.

I also recently threw out the Deeper A-112 Random which I never really got along with in favour of the ladik comparator which imho gives me more functionality when it comes to rhythm and the external input.

Speaking of external Input I substituted the the Doepfer A-119 for ears. mainly because of the manual Gate functionality and the contact mic (also size). So now I can always use the thing, even when nothing is connected to it's Input.

One thing I also discovered by throwing disting into the upper row is: I really want reverb and effects for this thing, I've always been a sucker for verb on Guitar and that doesn't seem to change with synths.

So here's what I'm planning for:
ModularGrid Rack

please give me some honest opinions, especially if you think there's better Options regarding effects and the Midi Interface.
I know that FH-2 would be great, but I'd like to keep it a little more immediate and to my surprise ever since I got the Digitakt I don't really feel like expanding the modular, so that benefit would be pointless.

PS: Am I the only one around here that loves the combination of Tides V2 and a basic Analog OSC for a Voice to death? That can't be. Please share the love if you see the benefits of that setup, maybe there's something to learn.

I can't help you on your questions unfortunately, but I'm super curious of how this sounds.
Do you happen to have some records of it?

Sadly no, not yet,
I‘ve been mostly enjoying in quiet and haven‘t come around to recording anything yet. But I‘ll make sure to post about it when I get around to!

Wow this is a surprisingly cool "tiny build". I'd love to play with this machine too!


-- re: MIDI options, there's a lot on this thread https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/10312 where I was recently reviewing what would be best for me on this front. I settled on ES-3&6 to go round trip to the DAW via ADAT (letting me keep using my main interface in Windows) plus a CVThing for more basic MIDI tasks including sending MIDI to grooveboxes, etc. IMO the "what I/O is best?" really depends on your setup and objectives. But you'll find a lot of food for thought in that thread, surely. Net net, IMO Befaco and ES have some very solid options covering a variety of use-cases, and I think there's a lot of good options for MIDI in.

-- FX Aid XL, I've heard great things about and would get one if I didn't already have some good enough solutions. I think its a very solid option, esp. for small builds.

-- this small a build, I can't personally make sense of, but if it works for you, then great!! BTW Lugia is great helping improve racks, esp. small / dense ones, so I hope there'll be a chance of getting some of his feedback for you before your rig is more finalized.

And yes, I'd also like to hear what this sounds like when you have a chance to post!

Beautiful rack, FX Aid gets a +1 from me, it's a great module to round out a build like this.

Nicely done! And in fact, keep that Tides + Quad VCA together...that gives you the ability to mix between and vary the outputs from the Tides for even more modulation fun.

I wouldn't swap the MIDI out. That Befaco appears to be the right choice for the space vs. functionality. Nor the FX Aid XL...it's a great little module, does what you expect, and sounds really nice. The only thing that might give you some grief is the depth on that Doepfer A-171-2...it's 60mm, which is a bit much for smaller cases. But if it fits, again, keep it. This actually came out pretty well, given the size.

Firstly, thanks to all of you for your input!
Seems like I'm going to go ahead as planned.

Secondly I did record my most recent patch with the Weasel, it's kind of an ambient thing - so not really a good example of what this thing was originally intended to do - but I guess it somewhat demonstrates what the Voice CAN do. Anyhow I enjoyed it somewhat, so I figured I might as well fire up Pro Tools, hope it's a good enough demonstration for now.