So this is my first ever modular system. After messing around with a few different configurations, I decided to go with a three row system and get a bunch of fun toys to mess around with. As this is my first go around, I am not completely sure if I have the right mods to keep the system running. I covered osc, filters, effects, EGs, midi interface, and some other random mods.

Please take a look and let me know if I am missing any important modules. Also, any other advice would be great and please feel free to provide criticism as I am here to learn what is best:)

Thanks! -Craig.m

You're going to need some vcas (audio and cv), mixing (again, audio and cv)

So, I'd say consider loosing maybe the moog, and replacing it with an osc, two or more channels of VCA, mixers, envelopes etc.

You also have a ton of clocking, so maybe reduce some of that. Rcd probably redundant with the tempi. Plus yarns does lots of clock/sequencing.

Right on, so I got rid of the moog (sucks cause I really wanted the moog sound in there, though I know I can just get it tabletop and still mess around like that). I added the Make Noise DPO, Make Noise function generator, Intellijel VCA 2, Intellijel uMod 2, and the intellijel mutagen as a mixer. Unfortunately, even though I know what belongs inside the rig, I do not completely understand what purpose some of the mods serve. For example, what do the VCAs do and why are more than one important? Also, could you recommend a good 4hp mod to squeeze in as the last piece? Other than that I am open to recommendations with swapping my current mods.

Apologies for the newbie questions, but I am still reading up and researching. Going to take the final plunge and buy everything hopefully in the beginning of June. Appreciate your help!

Anyone else out there that can help? Would love to get as much guidance as possible from some seasoned folks before I take the plunge. I feel like there are brands and actual modules out there that I am missing out on. Also, some additional tips and recommendations on the current configuration would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Vcas are necessary because the gate and control levels of everything. Want to control vibrato over time? Use a VCA between your LFO and oscillator with an envelope generator opening and closing the VCA. This is where a modular shines over fixed architecture. Anything can modulate anything, and it's the dynamics and movement through vcas, cv switches, logic, etc that opens up everything. Effects are fun, oscillators are necessary, but to really get them moving, you need dynamic voltage, and that's achieved through vcas.

Take a look at your DPO. You might not know it but there's a bunch of vcas built in already. One to control fm between the oscs, one to control osc modulation to the timbre section, etc.

The uMod 2 is a great choice because you can use it as a VCA in addition to ring mod. Plus the lower section is amazing fir creative cv processing.

Unfortunately the mutagen has been discontinued a while ago, but the mutamix is its replacement and quite great. It's 18hp though, versus the 12hp of the mutagen. Still a good choice because of the 3 output buses. Not to mention its sequencing capabilities.

If you replaced the dub Jr. with a Disting (which has ping pong delays, tape delays, in addition to tons of other functions, of course) then you'd have space for the mutamix.

Oh and yes, I meant using the moog in desktop form. I might grab one myself. The sound great.

Wow, you make some great points and thank you for the valuable information. I have decided to go with a MDLR classic case which expands my HP per row to 114, giving me more room for extra modules. I am keeping the DUBjr in there and adding the disting mk3 because I am a delay junkie and want many different options (let me know if that doesn't make sense). I have replaced the mutagen with the mutamix.

Take a look at the mods that I have added and let me know what you think.

Also, to start I am not buying all of the modules at once. The grand total for everything will probably end up at close to $8k. I will most likely be spending $4k to start with. Any pointers on which modules I absolutely have to get first given my starting budget?

Once again, I appreciate the help. I'll continue to do my own research to develop my own knowledge, but I really enjoy the fact that there are others out there willing to help on this journey.