All you will need is in this box. :D

Hi Antonivs,

You know what they say here on this forum, right? You can never have enough VCAs, so add a 10 or 20 VCAs and then yes... might be... ;-)

I would miss some modulators like LFOs and EGs, so 10 or 20 of them too... then several filters for some variations.... em... all you need? ;-) If it's not too late you might want to consider a larger rack, you are limiting yourself here pretty much. Not even mentioned the expensive space you are using in this little box for 0-coast and 0-ctrl (remove them from this box and let them use their original casing saves you HP space and +12 V power supply troubles), both fantastic desktop-modules though! :-)

Have fun with the little box and kind regards, Garfield.

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You do realize that I might have like three modular cases in difference sizes right? and that perhaps some people might want something small and compact and fun for the money. Bigger doesn't always make it better. Great things do come in small packages. This modular is just a small system out of many other small systems I like to create for a quick compact travel buddy to the park etc. If you go look online many companies are beginning to make small 60HP 6U cases for a reason. It is more challenging and fun making a small system, try it some time ;)

Hi Antonivs,

Well, now I do realise that ;-) No, I didn't know you had three modular cases, good to hear that, now I understand your reasoning, then it sounds indeed fair enough. Just in case you didn't had that, wanted to warn you. I am glad to hear for you this is rather fun and a puzzle how to come to a compact rack! :-)

Just one thing that wonders me, don't you feel it's pity to use in such small rack the HP space by the rather large 0-coast and 0-ctrl modules? Of course they are very powerful modules that can do a lot, so from that point seen, indeed it might make sense. Either way, I like to wish you good luck with your little-box-puzzle :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

I think small cases are great for pulling stuff out from the big system to either concentrate on or take on travels

but as main systems and for starters they suck as they are too constraining and don't really allow the owner to work out what they really need in a single system

manufacturers are making small cases because people are buying them - doesn't mean it's a good idea in most cases, though

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!