I've been tied up with work since August, but I have started a new project. Definitely (and probably obviously) inspired by Tangerine Dream/Froese/Schulze kind of stuff. This one is still a work in progress, but thought I'd share as-is.
Gear: AJH VCOs, Doepfer SEM, QPAS, 4ms DLD, SynthTech E352, Lo-Fi Junky, Milky Way, Data Bender, Prophet Rev2, Behringer VC340, Warm Audio Jet Phaser, guitar, etc.
I thought there were some kind of trippy headphone moments in this one. A friend of mine may add some drums eventually.
Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy. No worries if you don't dig it.

...and Bandcamp if that's your thing:

Yeah, I dig it. Good stuff. Drums would work out nicely. 👍

Loving this @farkas, gonna relisten with headphones later... more please!

Thanks so much, @troux and @mowse. I appreciate the support!

I totally dig it! That was a really good listen. Going to play it again. I love the pads from the Rev 2 - I really do love mine.

My recent long piece was a good experiment in the long form, but it still doesn't approach where I want to go. This is closer. As you say, this is in the Tangerine Dream/Schulze style. I am struggling to conceptualize multiple separate sections that all marry into one long form, but maybe I am overthinking the transition requirements. Cheers!

Thanks @TumeniKnobs. Totally agreed on the Rev2. I love that thing. On this track, I combined a Rev2 pad with the VC340 voices and strings, and then faded in a split signal going through an external effects pedal chain.
As far as sections and transitions, that's definitely the "work in progress" part of this track and my project as a whole. I'm just experimenting with a bunch of raw semi-unrelated parts and seeing how I can fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle. In the end, I hope to make all of the transitions more natural. I'm used to one-track, one-take improv stuff, so it will be fun to practice mixing techniques and EQing the finished collage of multiple tracks.
Good luck with your project!

Hi Farkas,

Do I dig it? Yes Sir! :-) Great track and oh what a nice moment that is at 2:45 where you really show those Berlin School musicians what real electronic music is about! ;-)

Wow-oh-hoo! This is some serious shit! Lovely that sequence, it keeps on going, I am sitting on the tip of my chair and... and... I am totally speechless! This is so good, this brings me back (in a good way) to the end of the 1970s and 1980s where those Berlin School people still knew how to make music ;-) Yet you managed to dip it in a modern sauce that gives it just that extra bit(e) what we needed then in the 1990s and onwards were no longer decent music (with perhaps some exceptions) have been made!

So Covid-19 rules are disappearing here slowly in Europe, when did you say you were planning to come here for a concert tour?! Use this style and you conquer all the European electronic music fans! Thanks a lot for this very exciting experience and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: Thanks a lot for mentioning and using your VC340 vocoder again. Decent use in the beginning of the track, nice touch! I am going to press the play button again, this deserves some serious listening...

Edit: Removed typo.

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Thanks so much @GarfieldModular. You are far too kind.
I am moving more and more in the Berlin School direction. As I assemble some pieces I'm really happy with, I will be glad to share them with you. I'm also starting to collaborate a bit with a drummer who is a huge fan of Jaki Liebzeit and the 70s era of German rock and electronic music. Hopefully some cool experiments will come out of that.
My friend in Leipzig has tried to convince me to play in some electronic music venues or festivals the next time I visit. I would feel silly if I looked like Rick Wakeman surrounded by synths on stage (haha), so I would probably just take a small portable rack if I ever decide to do something like that. That's probably a few years away though.
Seriously, thanks for listening to this demo. I'm pretty passionate about that era of and style of music, so your feedback really means a lot.

Hi Farkas,

That's great news that you are more and more moving into the Berlin School direction :-) Sounds to me that there is lots of good upcoming stuff coming from you, yeah! He, he, yes besides electronic music, German rock aka Kraut-rock (I am fan of Grobschnitt, complete idiots but they make idiotic good music in a fun way) is fantastic too. These Grobschnitt guys are now fathers and didn't do much however recently (meanwhile some years ago again) they went on tour together with their sons! I missed those concerts, which is a pity. I hope that wasn't a one-time thing and hope they will somehow continue.

If you are ever going to play in Germany, please let me know, I will try to visit you then. Leipzig is "the other side" of Germany for me from a travelling point of view, so it might be challenging but I will give it a try then!

I am curious to your future works possibly together with your drummer's friend, can't wait for a jam of you two and see how that works out :-) Thank you very much for creating pleasant and enjoyable music and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads