Hi all,

I am planning an Erica Synths rack that can be stand alone or used with my 4u palette techno case. Here is the plan thus far:

ModularGrid Rack

For utilities, I have micro O&C, Disting EX, WMD Attenuator, Erica Synths Black Quad VCA, Erica Synths Black Mixer
Voices/audio sources: Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO, Doepfer VCO, BIA
Sequencer: Erica Synths Black Sequencer
FX: Erica Synths Blackhole DSP v2

What would you change and what recommendations would you all have for this case?
I can easily swap out modules.

I'd want to leave some space - I'd probably do it by swapping out the blackhole dsp2 and replacing it with a fx aid xl and I'd probably also want some more modulation sources - I'd also think long and hard about the filter - it takes up quite a bit of space in what's still a relatively small case

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Thanks Jim!
I can swap out the large filter for Erica Synths Polivoks v2 or Doepfer Wasp. For effects, I can swap out blackhole for FX Aid XL.
I just tested the modules and they sound amazing and Black Sequencer is really fun, powerful and easy to use. For modulation, the micro Ornament and Crime gives me four channels of modulation and Disting EX has some options as well. Problem in small case is the modulation type modules eat up tons of space. I look forward to your suggestions as always! Lugia also has great ideas.

I made some changes and edits and here is v2:

ModularGrid Rack

Swapped out Black Hole DSP for Happy Nerding FX Aid XL, added Maths, switched filters, added another VCO and smaller filters.

Getting there! I'd suggest using the new open space on the bottom for one of the 4 hp 1/2-Veils clones, which will give you a pair of modulation-dedicated VCAs with the adjustable response. Other than that...hmmm...dunno. This is already looking pretty decent, and adding that might well button-up the "necessary" module complement.

@sacguy71 hahaha - didn't even notice who the OP was!!!

I just bought a black sequencer too - Black Friday!!! my 1st Black Friday sale purchase! must spend more time with it!

I think that takes up a huge amount of space in this size case - at least it's got 4 modulation tracks on in - I'd probably pair it with a zadar or other smallish 4 channel envelope generator in this size case!

I might even leave out Maths - zadar and batumi would be the same size together - and then everything I think would be available in black - if of course you are after that aesthetic!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Thanks Jim and Lugia!

Yeah I really am liking the new Black Sequencer it is super intuitive, fun and easy to use. I get some great patterns from it.
I have Batumi in my larger case and may get a Zadar, Veils clone and perhaps another quad LFO like Divkid 0chd perhaps to give me 8 LFOs? Anyways, I have to wait until next year to buy anything new but for now can swap out and use Batumi with Poti expander for modulation needs as Maths is much larger.

An update and swapped out Maths due to case size. I did add Doepfer VCO/Wasp filter and BIA for more voices as well as Batumi for more modulation.

ModularGrid Rack

Almost there...I'd suggest pairing the 4TTEN with the dual VCA, then put the Batumi/Poti to the right of that. You definitely want that to make things easier with modulation tinkering.

Hi Sacguy71,

Since you want to make a kind of Erica Synths rack out of this, if this would be my rack, I would have add the Octasource for some nice and crazy modulation, which module has to leave for that... is indeed a bit difficult. Is there not an option to add one row? This is a slightly bit small case. I remember you got already this 2-row-complete-Doepfer-system, so why not add a 3-row rack to it and use that 3-row rack for this idea? :-)

Just my 2 cents, kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Lugia and Garfield!

Yeah I am stuck with the 6u Doepfer case until I can find an Intellijel 7u case or a Tiptop Mantis case back in stock. That would solve space issues. Anyways I plan to pair this up with my 4u Intellijel Endorphin.es case as future mobile modular rig. Still portable but plenty of power once it is all sorted and tested out. I wanted the Erica Synths Octosource but none were on sale so probably next year. By then hopefully I can swap out the 6u Doepfer case for a larger case that is still portable. Maybe I get something like a Case from Lake or Amalgamod that has lightweight but more space and 1u rows as well. Anyways all good as I still need time to learn the new sequencers. I am really liking how fast and easy the Black Sequencer is thus far! Same with Endorphin.es Ground Control that lets me play like keyboard in real time while running various patterns.