I was able to find a small LFO and envelope generator to complete my travel 7u techno case:
ModularGrid Rack

Thoughts? I have the essentials covered like quad VCA, attenuators/offset, FX, LFOs and envelopes and my audio sources and sequencers. At this point it should be able to stand alone or use with my two portable cases that also have modulation and support tools.

d'y not think the eloquencer and black sequencer in such as small case is a bit of overkill?

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Hi Jim,

Normally in most cases I would agree however, I am also planning to use it to sequence my other small cases (Endorphin.es Shuttle System) and ALM Busy Circuits Super Coupe that do not have sequencers. So I need a way to sequence many other small cases that lack sequencers. But as always, I am open to recommendations of course.

About the only thing that I would suggest is to move the output tile to the right end. This shortens the length of internal wiring needed to connect it with the 1/4" jacks, which helps avoid induced noise from your power electronics. Then another tile to add might be Intellijel's Dual VCA, so that you can have CV control over the output, putting that right next to the output.

Thanks Lugia!

By output tile what module do you mean? I will get a 1u dual VCA as well.

The Intellijel OUT that's at the left end.

Thanks Lugia here is the updated case:

ModularGrid Rack

This ends purchases for a while and will focus now on mastering my gear and recordings.