hi there, this might seem a little off-topic but it spooks my mind for quite some time now. i'm using soundcloud and have a bandcamp account to showcase some of my output. however, i do also use a number of fieldrecordings in my sounds and to share with likeminded people but this is what makes me feel i am hitting the limits. i do not want to have all my raw fieldrecordings clutter my profiles as they are very specific and not really relevant to most people out there. nonetheless i would love to be able to make them available to selected folks for easy streaming and downloading. one option to do this would be sharing private tracks on soundcloud. another using wordpress. i'm not happy with either solution though. soundcloud is far to sequential in the way it lets me display and arrange those files with no options for folders or site sections. whereas wordpress is cumbersome to download and display as well as having the limitations of not letting me make available privately shared folder systems. is there anybody out there who is using alternative platforms to achieve exactly that? or are these just unresolvable pipe dreams?

I've not used it, but, how about http://freesound.org/

If your field recordings are for others to use, this might be a good fit.

awww. thanks for your reply. greatly appreciated. unfortunately this is not what i meant. i would like to have one sharing solution for all of my sounds instead of a number of different accounts cluttered all over the web. i love the idea of free sound and i might contribute to their database in the future but then as a separate entity. for now i feel there is an abundance of sounds everywhere on the net so, there's no need for me to push my stuff as well. i'd prefer an option for private sharing so that i could share more selectively (depending on the quality and intention). maybe i need to phrase this question more simple. what platforms are you and anyone else reading this using for sharing your sounds?

Try Octave.is. Run by Chris Randall of Audio Damage as a Soundcloud alternative for audio professionals. Private sharing is one of its core strengths.

tw/sc @noisejockey

orfium.com is advertising heavily. haven't tried it though...

thanks everyone. much appreciated. and yielding some unknown results. great stuff. anyone else with some other ideas? just to see if there's anything else out there? cheers....