Anyone know of a Eurorack flight case I could get for this rack that could handle the power demands?

Although I have looked online a fair bit, I believe the power requirements to be more substantial than a lot of cases seem to be able to handle. I could be wrong.

I'm located in Australia and happy to import but the PSU would obviously have to comply with Australian power supply standards.


If you could do it in 6u plus keep the System 1M on its own, the Intellijel 7u case could power the 5xx series and the other 4. It has a 3A +/- power supply. Plus you'd get the 1u strip for midi, audio I/O and a Quadratt attenuverting mixer, all of which can be very handy with that system.

Pittsburgh Structure enclosures seem to have the biggest power supplies and are available here in oz.....realise this is probably too late. How did u go? Also what thoughts on the Roland analogue stuff if u got it?