does anyone have similar builds?

maybe... but only newbies who've bought without enough research/thought going into the process...

depending on what you want from it - I'm guessing melodic music of some sort as opposed to percussive (because of the atlantis & rings clone) then it's not going to stay that way long as it will be pretty unusable for that purpose...

how are you intending to sequence pitch? euclidean circles only sequences trigger/gate - there's no pitch sequencer or midi->cv module!!!

2 free running lfos doesn't really work so well - maybe replace one of those with a syncable modulation source

get a bigger case... you'll want it within a very short time and a bigger case now is cheaper than buying an extra case the same size or upgrading... & less hassle! A Tiptop Mantis is a good starter case - balance of cost/hp./good power supply/manufacturer reputation etc

Starlab is massive in this size case (por for that matter one double the size) - smaller fx modules are available and more versatile (fx aid pro for example)

no utilities - no mixers, no vcas, no attenuation of any kind and that's just for starters - there's nothing that's needed to support the modules that are in the case...

please see my signature for some hints on how to build a versatile modular synthesizer and then go and look at a lot of other newbie posts to see why this is not a good build!!!!

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Very large modules for a very small box.
As a newbie I have started with a 6U x 104HP DIY case two months ago and I almost have it full.
Och is a very good module, and they can be modulated between them through the CV input. Another option, with more wave types and synchronizable would be, for example, the double LFO of NLC, it also occupies 8HP, the same as the two och
In addition to the lfo's,A compact TILT-type function generator would be nice, for example.
Totally agree with @JimHowell1970, you need a sequencer with pitch output, not just gates.
And some VCA's, attenuverters and a mixer for the audio output.
If you change the Starlab for a
you can save space for everything else, although I think you should go for a bigger case, even if you don't fill it up at the moment, blind panels are cheap.

thanks for the answers, I already have one modular synthesizer, yarns elements maths clouds, you're right about the larger case, we need to lay more utilities.