I've got a live set coming up and plan to use this rack (maybe) along with Digitakt for beats.

Here is what I'm trying to do:

1 - I want to play four note chords through Cruin and Chainsaw via Harmonaig.
2 - Sometimes I want to play them through Ikarie
3 - Or switch them over to Natural Gate
4 - Or play a different melody line through Cruin
5 - And be able to split Cruin into Natural Gate while Chainsaw goes into Ikarie

As I work through the permutations, I start to get lost a bit - and am hoping to find a simpler approach. I own a lot of utilities, and am willing to buy another if something nails this. Here is my strategy so far...

  • I am mixing Cruin and Chainsaw into the first Hyrol, and from there it is easy to mult that mix into both NG and Ikarie.
  • I can then mix NG and Ikarie with 4xMix into Mimeophone.
  • I can also change the v/oct into Cruin from Harmonaig to another melody line using Switchblade (which I can also use to change the trigger).
  • But at that point I want to split Cruin into NG and Chainsaw into Ikarie. And I don't have a solution for that...

I could put another mixer in front of NG. Basically give each NG and Ikarie a dedicated mix. BUT, I'd love to be able to flip a switch or button to make the swap from chord to separate melodies - rather than twist knobs. I have mutes which might help - and could use more mults maybe.

The most obvious thing to do is repatch :) But this is for a live performance, and would rather not if I can find a module based solution.

Any slick ideas? Thank you!

Best I can come up with is...

  • Mult the audio output of both Cruin and Chainsaw four audio signals total.
  • Send those signals into four 1U VCAs
  • Mult a steady 10 volts into Mutes.
  • Use Mutes to open and close those four VCAs.
  • Those VCAs feed one mixer ahead of Ikarie and one ahead of NG
  • Use Switchblade to change the v/oct into Cruin and the trigger into NG.

With those mutes I can turn off/on Crun and chainsaw into each of Ikarie and NG.
So with a few switches, turn off Chainsaw into NG, and Crun into Ikarie, while hitting Switchblade to change the melody into Cruin and NG.

If I always want CS into Ikarie and Crun into NG, I think I can get away with two VCAs - not Four!

use a stereo matrix mixer (as I suggested on reddit)

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