Hi there, first time actually posting here.

I’m in the starting phase of curating samples to fill in my Lubadh after I downloaded the v.2 update.

When looking at my racks this should come as no surprise that I tend to stick to a few different brands.

Sometimes I do like to think about theoretical specific purpose cases.
This idea came to me when I Watched the instruo v2 firmware update video and I noticed that when demoing melontron mode that Jason demoed it in polyphonic mono. A couple of days passes while I’m working night shifts and rewatch the video that in theory it should be very possible, by using only instruo modules to make the same patch in stereo, utilising both decks on a Lubadh in one shot mode.

The full build from Left to right is as follows;
1(f), Harmonaig, Tain,Tanh[3], Lubadh + expander, usb expander, 2(f), second Lubadh + expander, carn, cuir and lastly a power module, preferably an instruo one. With 2 x 2hp instruo blanks just to complete the look.
Hp: 104
Number of modules: MG says 16, I don’t count the expanders as modules, so 11.
Power consumption: 960 mA +12v. | 540 mA -12v| 0 mA 5v.
Depth: 42mm.

Harmonaig would be altering which reel it will be triggering with the help of Tain and duplicating the cv out of harmonaig you would have the reels alternating from left to right when playing the keyboard. Having an 1 f to manually modulate the harmonaig, seeing as Jason did it by hand in the demo video.

First Lubadh:
This is the main brain and sound source. Primarily
Set as mode (A) melontron mode for obvious reasons. Mode(B) would be set to sequencingpoly, I haven’t had the time to try this out yet, but it seems to fit this builds purpose.

The Larachd serves 3 purposes in this patch. First purpose is to be used as a sampler for the first Lubadh, second would be as a microphone, combining it with a portable recorder with a pop filter would let people blessed with confidence and talent enough to sing. Put on an extra performance when recording onto the second Lubadh. Adding the Tahn[3] to compliment the Larachd.

The second Lubadh; I know, a bit unrealistic to own two lubadhs unless you are Jason himself. this Lubadh is simply going to work as a dual record deck, using preset (a) tape looper and (b) broken tape. Knowing that the Mellotron was made in 1963, I cannot imagine mr Mc.Cartneys mellotron actually sounding as the day it was made, since tape decays over time the presets are necessary to complete this builds aesthetic sound. Furthermore; Having a 2f fader to adjust the tape modulation per channel seemed like the perfect fit.

last two modules is a carn and a cuir, for audio mixing and audio output.
I haven’t tried out the Carn, so I’m not sure if it’s a good fit for the rack, but a mixer on paper is worth gold. Using it simply to add as a mixer for larachd could be the clue.



you'll need a better power supply than the uZeus - max -ve rail is 500mA - and you're over it, let alone leaving any headroom...

I'd go for a bigger case - something like a mantis - and have some space left over for the inevitable expansion* - it'll also mean you have plenty of headroom on both rails! - they come in black these days I believe and have way better power supplies than the uZeus!!!

or if you're set on a single row and it's DIY then the befaco excalibus is a decent power supply and doesn't take up valuable space (no rack wart!) - can't say I'd be happy with the layout like that - external input in the middle of a row etc

I don't have a lubadh, or any other instruo modules for that matter, but I'm sure there are plenty of others with multiples of modules that are in the same price range... and lots of people with multiples of other musical instruments that cost way more (guitarists - multiple guitars and amps, both often more expensive than any module, for example) - so I really don't think it's unrealistic to have multiple lubadhs - or really any more excessive than any modular synth... after all it's only money... and yours is yours to do with as you please

  • filters, effects, a proper mixer etc!!!!

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

i have a mantis case for sale if interested


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To replicate the Tone control of the Mellotron you may want to include the Tràigh which also adds soft saturation and a mixer. But the Lubadh isn't multisampled right? So the sample will stretch or condense as it shifts in pitch, which isn't very Mellotronny. Other than that, I'd probably swap the [2]f for another [1] because in addition to crossfading, it offsets, polarizes, and attenuates. And add a Lion, etc, etc. But I'm over your size constraints already. In theory, you may just be better off buying a Mellotron. Your Instruo imitation is already above 3K.