Hello. I was hoping if someone has any experience with these two modules. I wanted a voice to complement a grone Drone 2, to layer darker creepier sound elements on top. I have an outboard sampler aready so I would not need anything like that. What I was considering was either the 4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator or the Make Noise Spectraphon. I was really impressed by both but not sure which would fit best for what I'm trying to achieve here. I was also thinking of sequencing one of these two with a Qu-Bit Electronix Bloom for evolving variation. I would also not mind either of the two to handle drone elements either once in a while, since the Grone can produce odd non-drone sonics also. The Spectraphon seems very experimental and able to produce some pretty interesting sounds, but I do like the fact that you can save presets on the SWN though. Any input or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I have SWN - Its a very deep and versetaile module, that can stand by its own.
It has sequencer and modulation + chords on bord, so u wouldnt need a external sequencer.
Its very complex and deep
its wavetable and spreads in 6 voices

SWN is amazing - but as I read your comment im not certain if SWN or Spectraphon are what youre searching for.

Maybe just pick a more simple voice for layering?

Or what about 4ms ensemble osc? - I think it could be a good addition, and easier to control.

If you get the swn, I guess it will be more like a replacment than a addition to the drone grone.

I had the SWN in my main case - but I prefer to have it in a small rack to focus on it.
You can spend hours only using the SWN.

You can do drones, melodies, chord riffs, endless timbress to explore

As far I know, the Spectraphon is more to make new sounds of existing sounds.

Thank you for replying! I see what you mean about the SWN being more of a replacement due to overlap with the Grone2. Good call! I went and searched vids on the 4ms and found this

After the 5:17 mark... now that is what I'm after, sounds similar to this! Stuff you would hear on a horror or scifi soundtrack, without sounding cheezy. I also love the fact that the 4ms is like half the price, so now I can purchase support modules for it. As for that; since I'm new at this whole Eurorack thing (I'm coming from Reason), I'm guessing, a Maths is in order also? Here is my rack idea so far:
ModularGrid Rack
Please... if you have any criticisms, let them fly. I really would like to make informed decisions before going further. For context; this is a dedicated Drone/atmospheric case that will be used together with a Korg Wavestate, MPC one (for percussive elements), and a 1010 Blackbox (for sampled elements), all going into a 1010 Bluebox mixer. I also have an Artuia Keystep 37 to input into the case. Kind of a performance rig for livingroom "gigs". I also would not mind sharing jams on social media from time to time. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
PS: for some reason my rack shows incorrectly on this post, but the linked one is updated.

I make similar music to what you're talking about and what really unlocked the power of all my other modules the most was a matrix mixer. I have the Doepfer A-138m, but there are also stereo matrix mixers out there if you need that. I highly recommend a matrix mixer, especially for this kind of music. It's one of those things that's hard to fully appreciate the importance of until you start using it, and then it just opens up so many possibilities. I find it important enough that if for some reason I had to start over again from scratch, I'd plan everything around the matrix mixer.

Regarding the sound in that video, you could potentially get similar sorts of sounds through some feedback patching (which a matrix mixer also excels at).

A bit of an oddball suggestion, maybe, but the Lyra8-FX could be exactly what you're looking for (particularly when combined with a sampler/looper):

I use various sound sources, three of which seem well suited to dark ambient/drone: Loquelic Iteritas Percido, Polygogo, Morphagene. And I agree with @lucas303’s suggestion: a matrix mixer would really be recommended for your work.

'On ne devrait jamais quitter Montauban' (Fernand Naudin).

I have had terrific results with Piston Honda Mk3 for dark drones. I like it much more than the wavetable programs in Braids or Plaits. Here is an example of PH3: https://soundcloud.com/user-96050270-927253247