I'm new to modular but I wanted to start getting into it. I'm looking to build a good ambient synth for softer, lighter textures (as opposed to darker, gnarly textures) and something that's based around Mutable's Clouds synth module. I could see myself using Cloud's sampling/granulation features frequently.

I decided to take NickT's example in this thread (Nano Rand, Make Noise Telharmonic, and Mutable Clouds) and use it as the basis of the synth. The video he included perfectly captures the sound I want. I also decided to add two Erica Pico Drum modules to add beats underneath, along with a Pico Trigger, two Pico DSPs, and a Pico Mixer. The signal path would be, with each being independent of the other:

Nano Rand -> Telharmonic -> Clouds -> DSP #1 -> Mixer
Trigger -> Both drums -> Stacked into DSP #2 -> Mixer

I wanted to verify that the signal paths are workable and correct. I don't fully understand how patching the synth part would work, so I left that section blank, but the drum parts seem to make sense to me. Any suggestions on good synth modules other than the Telharmonic would also be appreciated.