Hi all,

We make a MIDI-Thru module for eurorack that helps with the 3.5mm stereo jack non-standard for MIDI.

So I'd like to compile a list of modules that are using this:
- ALM Pamela's New Workout /w expander (Out)
- MFB Nanosynth Pro (In)
- MFB SEQ-1 Pro (In)
- Erica Synths Drum Sequencer (In)
- SDS WifiMidi (Out)
- Five12 Vector (I/O)
- SSF Bantam (In)

- Make Noise 0-Coast (In)

Non-Modular hardware being:
- Korg Electribe 2/Sampler (I/O)
- Korg SQ-1 (Out)
- Arturia Beatstep (Out) & BS Pro (I/O)
- Novation Launchpad Pro (I/O)
- Novation Circuit (I/O)
- Novation Circuit Mono Station (I/O & Thru)

Obviously, there is more. Please help me to find all ..

Soulsby AT-ARP (In)

Malekko Sync (I/O/Thru)

1010 MX4 (IN/THRU)

1010 fxbox (In)
1010 bitbox (In)

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