Hi there,

I'm quite new to the synth world. I always wanted to have one, and last year I came across the affordable and seriously awesome
Minibrute. Bought it and I've been playing with it for a while now. I figured out I like playing what is called Berlin School music and love to go on adventures with it, finding it's little nuggets and sweet spots of witch I'm sure I haven't found all of them.
But I also noticed that just the one synth has it's shortcomings (there we go!). So I went back to the musicstore to listen to some other gear, but in the pricerange I was looking for nothing really did it for me, until I heard a few VCO's for modular. When I heard the Instruo Troika I completely fell for it's warmth. I asked a few noob questions and the guy from MidiAmsterdam sent me home with a list of gear which is detailed in the rack below, with some changes I made to it by venturing on the web.
This quest set me off into watching many video's about modules and there capabilities. Sometimes dizzying, but most of the time very much fun. So now you can understand I need to get my hands on a modular.
My question to you, baring in mind I'm an absolute noob, is what do you think of what I put together and is there something missing to get me started?
I do, very much like the Troika and the Clouds modules. The filter, though i never heard it in real life, is also one of the most interesting to me.

ModularGrid Rack

That looks quite pleasing.
How do you connect yout Microbrute to it?
I wouldn't buy a filter I haven't wiggled before. Or at the very least compared with others I know, by video.

Thanks for your reply.
Ofcourse, I hadn't given that much thought yet.
My initial idea was to buy a beatstep pro to sequence one or two sources and play the beatstep or the minibrute over that. But I'm not sure if that would be enough to run the system as is. It's quite a lot to get my head around at first.
Thanks for the tip on the filter, I'll ask at the store if it's possible to try some of them on the Troika!