Hey, gang...this is for those of you submitting module data on items that come in both kit and prebuilt versions. If you could, please put the worst-case price on module listings. This will almost always be the prebuild price, not the kit, and the reason I'm making a note here about it is that I just got done reworking the Elby stuff, and a lot of the prices there were on kit versions, and I (like quite a few around here, I'll guess) tend to plan things as prebuilt. So when the rack of Euroserge stuff I had shot from $15k up to $24k...well, that's quite an inflation rate!

I think most people, when they get the bill on things, would like to see it was lower than they'd thought as opposed to "what do you mean I owe you another 9 grand!?". So, yeah...while I know there's a big DIY presence on here, I think everyone will agree that you're going to want the NICE surprise as opposed to the HOLY CRAP!! surprise. So, yeah...let's see the prebuilt pricing when there's a difference, please? Vielen dank!

Fair request. I always go with the pricier option just to make sure, but that's just the way I think. Let's see what other people think.

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