Just created this rack by using some modules I've taking into account from recommendations, forums, etc.
I would be using it to generate ambient backgrounds and textures. Also linking it via the Metropolis to an ERM Multiclock, I'm quite new to the modular world so I wanted to know how you guys feel about this rack, is it missing things? What would you add/take away from it?


too many sound sources and processors and not enough utilities

for me, I'd want both a mutable instruments kinks and links, an lfo (preferably with multiple outs) and an envelope generator and attenuators/attenuverters - so probably maths or batumi and some 2hp trims, disting never hurts, an lpg and probably a filter

if you're restricted for space by the rack I'd get rid of either the rainmaker or clouds and the smr to make space

otherwise just get a bigger case

Rainmaker is a bit of a pig when it comes to HP space. But when creating ambient patches, it's a good way to go. I would also look into Tip Top's Z-DSP and the Valhalla series of reverbs.

To save some space you might want to look into the micro or "u" versions of Clouds and Rings. They are 8HP if I recall correctly. They will save you some space for other modules.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Xaoc Zadar to come out. It's four advanced envelope generators in 10HP; perfect for ambiences.

You could also save some space by replacing the Intellijel Metropolis with a 1010 Music Toolbox. I would definitely compare the two and see which fits a little more. The selling point on the Toolbox for me (just ordered it) was the ability to record and loop two simultaneous control voltages from external devices and SAVE it permanently to an SD card. It also has built in LFO generators for all your wiggling delights.

I think you might want a much stronger mixer for blending ambiances as well. That'll chew up more HP than what you have... but might be worth it. Roland makes a six channel mixer with pans and mutes that's in my "must buy" list. It's a lot bigger. But being able to mix/pan up to six sound sources as well as mute them might be pretty handy for ambient mixes.

Oh, and a quantizer... you need one of those. Erica makes one that's about 3HP or you can buy an Ornaments and Crime that's 8HP and get two quantizers and a ton of other features included.

The biggest thing missing would be a clock divider as well as some buffered mults. You'll want a clock divider so you can sync tempos between your sequencer, the Rain Maker, etc. A Pamela's New Workout or a Temps Utile would work wonders there. You may also want to consider a precision adder, attenuverters, and possibly some switches/mutes.

My comments are all over the place... but bottom line, I would research a bit more to find alternates that are smaller and make sure I have plenty of modulation sources.

There's a lot wrong, actually. For starters, there are exactly zero modulation sources, unless you count the Metropolis, which I don't. No LFOs, envelopes, function gens of any sort spell total disaster for getting any sort of intricate modulation structures across time. Also, no VCAs is another very bad move...you 100% need those for controlling audio or CV levels via...yep...your modulation sources.

As for generating things, you won't be generating much of anything with this build, unless you're opting for driving filters into self-resonance or just using it as a bank of processors (which, without the above two module types, you're still quite screwed). There are no VCOs here. None. And given that pretty much ANY synthesis audio path runs VCO->VCF->VCA, you seem to have a rather serious problem here.

Stop. Delete this atrocity. And before starting over, study some reference material of which there's a good bit lurking in the forums here on MG, other places such as Muff Wiggler, Synthtopia, Vintage Synth Explorer (which is also an excellent reference source for classic designs which are still important to electronic instrument design to this day and which I strongly recommend anyone starting into modular study in depth), and have a look at the excellent documentary "I Dream of Wires", among many other study needs. Otherwise, what you're proposing with this build could be more easily accomplished by piling several thousand dollars in your backyard grill, dousing it with gas, and setting it all on fire.