So I am building this thing for quasy self generative musical polyphony among other things.

Modules and case are in the mail (some are on back order I think, but they will come).

I desided to go all intellijel becouse they are quality and the range of modules realy fit with my way of thinking.

Top Right corner is 4 voice poly. 4x Dixie II, 4x uVCF, 2x uVCA.
These can all be used for other functions but can function as a 4x poly.

In the case there are 4 adsr envelopes and 8 ad envelopes (all can funtion as lfo also).

There is also a Rubicon osc for solo voiceing, Dr Octature 8 pole filter/lfo, Shapeshifter digital osc, Kogasmatron filter with expander making it sort of four filters. Also there are more VCAs and mixers.

People are saying that for the price og such a thing you can get a poly synth, sure this is true. But with this settup there are enormus possibilitys not possible with most poly synths.
Think how many sine generators are in the box for instance? I count 14.
Additive synthesis anyone?

How many band pass filters? I count a few.

How many fm modulation possibilitys.

So not only is poly possible but a huge variation of other things.

To make things even crazyer there is the sequensing section. The combination of 2x uScale and 2x uStep plus Metropolis will make quasy self generative poliphony/polyrithm possible. This combined with the planar for texture changes gives nice possibilitys.

Beautiful setup. I'm a big Intellijel user myself. A few suggestions to help more with the generative aspects.

Don't miss out on the Quadra expander. It allows chained events, trigger delays, etc. Also, Be sure to use the Shapeshifter in LFO mode. Imagine all of that cross FM, wavetable morphing goodness as sometime chaotic, sometimes patterned CVs. Amazing. Next, look at the uMod 2, as it is not only a beautifully clean ring mod, but its a CV funhouse when you combine different speed modulation, LFOs, etc.

Those are good points Exper, I have been thinking of trading a wavefolder for a ring mod... But I am not sure what to sacrifice for the quadra expander... I am not sure what the qadra with expander will do that the dual adsr wont... So I am a bit confused about that aspect. I guess one quadra plus expander might be the way to go.