Thanks @Jamma for the module Tiptop audio ONE! Mint condition and fast shipping!

received my VCA-4MX from @Groove_Addict
Portugal to the USA has you on pins and needles - but, I got it!!

Thanks, man!!!

@djthopa is super fast and super friendly. Thanks!

Thank you @lucoli for a great deal on some modules. Blazing fast shipping and even threw in a stack of patch cables! Highly recommended A+++ trader.

I just bought @sergiobrick 's Pittsburgh Lifeforms System Interface (in short, Pittsburgh's mixer ;-)) and it works great.

Just got a uCloud from @PinPinKula
Really fast, well built product, bulletproof packaging and polite & clear transaction.


Got a Doepfer joystick* from @magneteyez, it travelled well packaged from the netherlands to germany. Thanx a lot!
*out of production!

Just bought a module from @ideo. Shipment was super fast. He was very responsive and helpful, and overall I couldn't have asked for a better service! Highly recommended seller

A bit late, but did a good deal with @sid001, thanks!

thanks_to: 6Human for Amplitude and masuhr for Quantimator

@rsillsley super user! Quick delivery, well packed and mint condition!

Got a Tip Top BD808 from @tonicreflex via facebook. Kicks well and is TIP TOP! And got shipped very fast in germany (2 days), nice chat inclusive! :-)

Recently had positive transactions with @Bohler and @LeSlow, thanks both!

I have good experience with these buyers: @freespace @dukeysasa @japanhill @mineralwasser @Gnapp @9beats @Ceglarek and sellers @lilkim @Ceglarek @lucoli @tverscho @Virgil


I bought a module from @jayndoodle recently with no trouble at all :) Thanks!

many thanks to @brhmh

nice person to deal with, fast shipping and well packed : glad to know that we can still found gentlemans on the web !

Thanks to @Jefz for the cwejman spatial phaser, nice and safe trade.

@fernmelder is a good buyer, paid on time and everything went smoothly.

I had good experiences with @BrokenBo who I bought a Wavetable VCO from a while ago and recently with @hallmar who sold me his Ears ;) (excellent condition and shipping and very friendly communication)! Cheers

BEWARE @modulante has sold me DIY clouds with a disfunctioning mode button and blend knob.
Sadly due to some other things it took me a lot of time to first find out about the issue, than test many repair options like different firmware etc.
I asked about the issues 6 days ago and there was no answer so far. I will retract this message when the issue is resolved, obviously.
His PayPal is

Thanks @enn_n for the Moskwa module! The module is perfect, reliable seller and fast shipment. Recommended!

Bought a Doepfer Fixed Filter Bank from @fredeke and it arrived quickly (as quickly as overseas allows) and in great shape. Also bought a Doepfer Matrix Mixer from @harvestman a while back (before I realized I should post here) and that was a great transaction as well.

Excellent experiences!

Thanks @AThousandDetails for the Chronoblob module. All perfect! Reliable seller.

bought a Poti from @GBRL , fast shipping and the module was in perfect condition! thanks!

Bought the Batumi from @C3REAL , everything was correct, reliable seller.

Perfect transaction with @fredeke - great comms, well packaged, fast delivery :)

Bought Marbles from @yrn1. Arrived after 4 days, perfect conditions as described. Recommended!

bought a Mordax DATA from @groovar .... all good!

I have recently dealt with these sellers and I have nothing but good things to say :

bought a Midi to Clock V2 from @Slocap ... all good. arrived in good condition and good communication with seller. thanks!

Bought MI Marbles from @yari. Everything was ok. The item was exactly as he described, communication and delivery were also satisfying. Thanks! :)

traded an Erbe Verbe with @zvuku, all went smooth and module arrived in good condition! thanks!

traded a Magneto with @tomlaan - perfect condition, great module, highly recommended seller, trader.

I had a great transaction with @yrn1, perfect communication and modules in great shape! Thanks!

I bought a module from @memoire-de-futur. Smooth process. Module in great condition. Recommended.

I bought a module from @Ideo, and everything went smooth :)

Thanks @Anrilov for the CYMBL909! All perfect, whit original box and mint condition. Reliable seller!

Thanks to @Groove_Addict for the Pamela's New Workout! Good communication and the module arrived well packaged and in great condition :)

Thank you very much to @StateAzure for a cool deal on Malekko Quad VCO. Quick delivery, well packed and mint condition!

Thanks @uebl for the geiger counter!
Great module, mint condition fast shipment, reliable seller.

Thanks @jayndoodle for a Frames! Built well, packaged safely, shipped internationally.