I write mostly Film/TV music and am looking to get a eurorack setup that I can use for discovering some different drone/texture sounds, interesting transitional material (swish, hit, swipe, etc.), and pulses to be mixed with some soft synths and other analog gear.

Leaning toward a mostly MakeNoise system 0 to get started (but in an 84hp case with a +12/-12/5v rail for each row), then wanted to bring in Mutable, and maybe some more esoteric modules--really like the Thonk contact mic one.

Was also considering a mostly Studio Electronics Modstar system that I would augment in a similar way (MATHS, Woggle, Clouds, Tides, etc.)


Thanks for any insight!

I would check out the Intellijel shapeshifter if you're looking for unique sound efx as well as melodic material. It's incredibly deep for the price, and constantly surprises me with what it can do. +1 for the mutable stuff as well. Especially clouds.